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I just wanted to install a new incense in my test system. I deleted the existing ones and tried to install the new one in SLICENSE transaction. The new license came with different system number.

The problem

Following error message appeared:

This system's system number is "<10-digit number>" but there is a license key for system number "<another 10-digit number>" in the license key file.

The background

The reason behind was that "System Number" could not get empty but even after deleting the license it was the same as before.

  • I checked the content of license table using
    saplikey pf=/sapmnt/<SID>/profile/<instance profile> -show
  • I tried to delete it again using
    saplikey pf=/sapmnt//profile/<instance profile> -delete "*" "*" "*"
  • Tried to empty table buffer via /$TAB in OK-code field
  • Tried to empty all buffers via /$SYNC in OK code field

but none of them was successful.

The solution

Hope this information will be helpful for you as well.