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With Sapphire just around the corner and the release of BI4.1 fast approaching, now is a great time to dive into some of the new functionality coming to SAP Business Objects Analysis, edition for OLAP in BI4.1. Over the coming days, we’ll present a series of blog posts highlighting new functionality. Some of these new features might not share the same spotlight as others, but many users and Administrators of A-OLAP will find these enhancements very helpful.

Let’s kick things off with a small change, but one that generated a significant amount of feedback via various channels, including one of my favourites - Idea Place. This enhancement allows greater control over wrapped text, as outlined in the idea,


Text in row and column headers would be wrapped for the entire crosstab, even if it was only necessary for columns or rows.

Current (BI4.0)

As you can see in the following screenshot, the “Wrap text” option is a single checkbox, impacting both rows and columns.


With BI4.1, users can now “Wrap text” in either the rows or the columns by checking the appropriate check-box.

The result is shown below. Notice that the row header text is wrapped but the column header text is not.

Although this is a small enhancement, it demonstrates the value of Idea Place in identifying useful improvements to existing functionality based on popularity voting.

Look out for other posts showcasing what’s new in Analysis edition for OLAP over the coming days leading up to Sapphire.

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