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Carving the way through the jungle of seemingly millions of sessions at SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG sessions for Life Sciences can easily become overwhelming; especially if you don’t want to miss the best of the best sessions.

To help everybody who is focusing on the pharma, biotech and medical devices industries to get started which sessions may be worthwhile to have a closer look at, here is my Top 5 List for 2015:

Top 1: Supply Chain Optimization and Track and Trace in Life Sciences

Complying with Serialization in Pharma and Unique Device Identifier (UDI) regulations are one of the highlights at SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG, as you can see in the following four recommended sessions:

Of course also the long-burning issue how life sciences companies can maximize their supply chain efficiency will be broadly discussed – here are some very nice examples:

Top 2: Wearables, Connected Health, and the Internet of Things

Health wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT) have been hot in the press – and so SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG give this trend topic quite a little bit coverage as well. Discuss how you can become a front-runner with regards to improving patient outcomes through connected care, and how to take advantage of the IoT in manufacturing processes as well as in medical device maintenance. Maybe the following sessions even inspire you to find scenarios that nobody has considered before?

Top 3: Analytics for R&D and Faster Growth in Life Sciences

The more you know, the better your long-term strategy and your immediate actions are – better insights are a competitive advantage in a fast-changing and complex market environment like in life sciences. This year, we focus on how to use analytics for R&D in life sciences and on revenue forecasts at  SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG.


Top 4: Getting Closer to Life Sciences Customers, Partners and Suppliers

Multichannel communication including e-commerce is getting more and more important in life sciences with its huge number of market segments and continuously growing competition. Here are two sessions dedicated to this topic:

Improving sales and service efficiency is also key to keep profits growing. The following sessions show two ways how life sciences companies can achieve this:

On the procurement side, cost savings and supplier performance need to be maximized. Please find below some sessions that show how you can collaborate more effectively with outsourcing partners, and how to streamline a procurement core process – payments.

Top 5: Improving Data Quality and IT Performance in Life Sciences

Last, not least, IT expert in life sciences will get the opportunities to share latest trends as well as dos and don’ts of their bread and butter business. Please find an excerpt below:

Now, It's Up to You - Please Make Your Choice!


What are your favorites at SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG 2015? Check out the sample agenda for Life Sciences and the agenda builder to learn more.

Let us know your thoughts via the chat below or feel free to contact us on twitter at @Sap_Healthcare, or to simply step by at the Life Sciences demo station!

We very much look forward to hearing from you, soon at to welcoming you at the event!