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SAP’s customers are changing, and there is a fundamental shift towards the end-user becoming the decision maker of the future. Additional disruptive technologies and shifting demographics are redefining the workforce. Not only is technology impacting how we work and interact with each other, it’s transforming what we actually do for work. But how can we possibly plan for a future workforce in jobs that don't even exist today? 

SAP has a rich history of growth and success and that determines our talent acquisition strategy, regardless of regions we operate in. SAP has traditionally specialized in B2B but we are now moving into the B2C space and increasingly into the cloud environment. There are several very important global trends we need to keep in mind with regard to SAP’s shift in business strategy when discussing our talent strategy. At SAP we have five generations of employees in the same workforce. Employees in each of the generations behave quite differently from each other.

The Digital-Generational Divide

We see huge shifts in technology consumption patterns from digital immigrants and digital natives. The digital natives are born and raised with their electronic gadgets. In their world, nothing happens without technology. SAP believes in the need to create an attractive work environment as a global employer by being aware of what is important to the employees. A company that is unable to offer these young people similar networking opportunities that they have in their private lives is not perceived as an employer of choice. Born and raised with Google, Facebook and Instagram, digital natives expect the same social network system in their professional work life. That is why at SAP, we invest heavily not only into business tools and processes but also ensure we fulfil the needs of the new generation and create a corresponding work environment.

We are facing a great shortage of educated IT professionals globally, exacerbated by a rapidly aging workforce. Therefore young talent is a critical part of this pipeline, increasing the diversity of talent at SAP in the areas of gender and age. Attracting top early talent is a key priority at SAP to accelerate innovation and maintain our competitive edge. To hire the best talent is getting harder especially in areas like Silicon Valley where we are witnessing a real high-tech “war for talent. Silicon Valley is one of the most competitive places to vie for new employees. How can we shake up the traditional model of hiring new employees, and make an impact in this war?

A New Program for Young Talent

One innovative approach to attracting and growing early talents is the recently launched global SAP develop && impact Program, by offering more on the job trainings, job rotation and a faster track to promotion that seeks to develop highly qualified developers with well-rounded experience and comprehensive knowledge of our SAP technology. The goal is to ensure that the company attracts the best talent while developing and retaining talent from within.

On top of this, we have seen great development of education that is highly important from a global company’s perspective. The SAP University Alliances program includes more than 2,300 universities around the world who are connected with us. We believe that we need to give students access to technology at a young age and prepare them through education so that they will eventually be ready for their careers.

Serious Fun at HanaHaus

Starting tomorrow October 26, SAP will host a two-day event at HanaHaus in Silicon Valley, where we will provide one of these unique opportunities for a diverse group of local student. During these two days we will challenge them to innovate with our SAP technology and looking for cool new ideas, such as:

  • How might we give talented amateur players a fair chance of being discovered as baseball talents while simplifying and scaling the scouting process for baseball coaches and scouts?

  • How might we reshape the world of motorsports / extreme sports in the future from the perspective of the data-savvy fan?

It all starts with a dream and ends up with a purpose.

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