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Episode 2 of The Stack did not disappoint. In part because of our stellar line-up, but mostly thanks to the great engagement of our community. Michael Ameling, Steffen Pietsch & Harsh Jegadeesan kicked us off talking about the Intelligent Enterprise, how SAP BTP is a fundamental pillar for integrations and side-by-side extensions and of course, how SAP API Business Hub supports and accelerates the cloud journey. As the one-stop shop for 2000+ pre-built integrations, 2500+ APIs and 160+ connectors and growing number of events, using SAP API Business Hub is key to creating an integrated, intelligent enterprise.


Here are my highlights:

  • Intelligent Enterprises are Integrated Enterprises (see strategy paper)

  • To support our customers in establishing those essential E2E business processes we’ve defined reference architectures and documented them in the SAP API Business Hub. How do the different components work together? Which APIs should I use or what integration content do I need? All this information is available in one place:

  • Customers don’t have “plain vanilla SAP landscapes”. They have hybrid, heterogeneous landscapes which is why we support not only SAP to SAP integrations but also SAP to non-SAP and cloud to on-prem.

  • Standard features can only do so much. Customizations are always needed. To build side-by-side extensions on SAP Business Technology Platform, the reference architecture, the events, APIS, workflows and other prepacked content are key accelerators.

  • SAP API Business Hub is not only free, it also includes a sandbox system. You can explore, discover and also TEST out the content.

  • Feedback, feedback, feedback! We can’t emphasize this enough. Do you see anything missing from the SAP API Business Hub? Please let us know!

This blog also complements yesterday’s session, highlighting the main features and changes of the new SAP API Business Hub.

Are you more of a visual person? Check out this short video highlighting the new experience for SAP API Business Hub.

Or watch this great SAP CodeTalk where Shylaja S and Aadi Nigam share how to benefit from this new experience, how to use the SAP API Business Hub to reduce costs and time-to-value. I won’t give too much away, but these experts will again share how the API Business Hub can accelerate integration and extensions.


The best part of the session of course was when we opened it up for questions. We had a very active and engaged audience and even though we only had 30’, we were able to get through a lot of very interesting questions. There were just a few that we could not answer live:

Q: Can you please, point key benefits of this solution (4 or 5)

A: I feel this was more or less answered in the session, but I wanted to reiterate a few concepts. API Business Hub is the one-stop shop for APIs, events, workflows and other content packages that you can use to accelerate your integration or extension use cases. We maintain the packages, which means you don’t have to. We provide the reference architecture so you can focus on your business logic, what makes your solution tick. For more details on the new features, the blogs and videos shared above give a great overview.

Q: What's the pricing model for CPIS tools? can this be used under CPEA

A:  SAP Integration Suite, including the cloud integration capability is available under CPEA. To see all the details, please check out the pricing tab in SAP Discovery Center service catalog.

Wrap Up

If you missed the live show, don’t worry. You can catch the replay:


That’s all for now! Remember to follow us on LinkedIn & Twitter so you don’t miss episode 3.

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