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In the realm of Mobility, as many people learned at SAP TechEd Las Vegas, developments come fast and furious.  New products, and major changes to products and strategies are always being announced.  This inevitably leads to the following:

“Hey Glen – when is that course on (fill in product) going to be released?”

“Glen – do you know when that class on (blank) is going to be scheduled?”

“Mr. Hostetler – when will I be able to get trained on the latest available version of (insert mobility product) that we’re installing?”

At least once a week, I get an email like that.  First of all, Mr. Hostetler is my father.  I’m Glen.  Second, let me answer some of these questions.

In the world of Mobility training, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest offerings so that you or your employees can take advantage of the latest training.  But because this space is constantly moving and changing – with new products and versions available seemingly every few months – it can be difficult to keep up with the changes.

New Mobility courses

Within the last month, we have released two new mobility courses – one covering SAP Mobiliser (MOB400) and one covering the eBanking solution (MOB500).  The MOB400 course, SAP Mobiliser 5.1 Development, is a five-day course that covers developing solutions based on the Mobiliser 5.1 platform.  In this developer oriented course, you’ll learn to build solutions for use as:

  • Web Services
  • Payment Handlers
  • Mobiliser Services

Attendees will develop a familiarity with the various UIs and application components of the Mobiliser product, and learn how to perform customizations.  Throughout the class, students compile, set up and customize applications typical of what would be done in a normal production environment.

The other new offering, SAP eBanking 8.3 Configuration and Customization (MOB500) is three-day course that covers some of the core features designed to facilitate online banking, such as:

  • Bill Payment and Transfer Warehouse (BPW)
  • The Universal Alerts Engine (UAE)
  • Business Central (BC)

In addition, attendees will learn how to:

  • Perform system setup
  • Compile projects and make product customizations
  • Create custom back ends
  • Perform currency conversions
  • Modify the UI
  • Utilize Web Services
  • Test and Debug applications

The course features many hands-on exercises to enhance the topics discussed.  The MOB500 course is currently available.  As of the writing of this blog, it’s scheduled to run beginning December 9, 2013 via virtual classroom.

You asked about using OData in building mobile applications?

One of the big topics discussed at TechEd was the use of OData in building mobile applications. The GW100 course, SAP NetWeaver Gateway - Building OData Services, which teaches the basics of building OData services, is scheduled frequently.

In addition to the new courses being offered, many of the existing courses have been or are being updated, with new versions being released within the next few weeks.  When these are released, you can bet there will be another announcement made right here by me, Glen.  Not Mr. Hostetler.  He’s my father, retired and doesn’t know anything about this stuff.  Of course, if he came to one of the training courses…

Get a 10% discount on Mobility courses scheduled in 2013

SAP Education in North America is offering a 10% discount on all remaining 2013 public Mobility and SAP HANA courses (virtual or traditional classroom). To receive the discount for this course:

        1. Go to the SAP Training and Certification Shop to find your course.

Note:   At this writing, both MOB500 and GW100 have sessions scheduled in 2013, and would be available for this offer.

        2. Log in, and make sure you have the S-User ID that is assigned to your account.

               If you need help, please call our Customer Information Center at 1-888-777-1727.

        3. To receive the discount, use the promotion code 13HAMOB10-INST when you register.

*Conditions apply. Click here for details (select U.S. or Canada as appropriate). Class must be completed by December 31, 2013.

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