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Are you producing code or outcomes? As a value manager for the SAP Value Partnership Service, my job is to deliver measurable outcomes for my customers.Every day, I have to demonstrate the true value of SAP software and solutions. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Management consultant Peter Drucker put paid to the importance of tangible outcomes. It’s a mindset that my team and I apply with our customers every day.


Delivering tangible outcomes was also my core focus during the one of the most comprehensive transformation projects in the history of one of the largest Oil and Gas services company. The company trusted the SAP Value Partnership team to put business outcomes first. And from beginning to end, that is how we approached the entire program.


Standing on an oil platform in four hours in the noonday sun may not sound like the best strategy for a quick sell. But it’s a great way to quickly
gauge the business perspective, painpoints and potential.

So we went to that well site. We followed the order-to-cash process from the wellhead to the consumer. We translated what we found into real KPIs. From there, we developed a rock-solid business case and presented the results to the steering committee.

This outcomes-based approach not only won the company’s trust, but it also produced concrete goals with measurable results. An SAP strategy and system architecture is reducing operating costs, boosting working capital and mobilizing operations.

You will forget how many lines of raw code you produced for a project. What you will remember are tangible results that move their business
forward. Are you producing code or outcomes?