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As cloud platform adoption increases and organizations strive to select the technologies best suited to support their business processes and innovation roadmaps, SAP partners are also taking stock of which platforms to invest in.

Here at SAP, we obviously hold the belief that SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is a very strong contender, especially for organizations with existing investments in SAP technology. SAP customers and partners in particular, gain by leveraging a platform that steps onto the playing field with services, integrations and solutions optimized for SAP business processes and data models.

While some partners are just starting to investigate the opportunities related to building on and integrating with SAP BTP, many are well into adoption and go-to-market. In Q4 2021 IDC reached out to senior executives at 8 of these partner organizations to get their perspective on working with SAP BTP. The resulting feedback was summarized into the IDC Success Guide: SAP Business Technology Platform and Partner Success: A Foundation for Customer L..., which recently led to the creation of additional supporting content, including:

  • IDC Infographic: Curious about the top value drivers #SAPPartners are leveraging with SAP Business Technology Platform (#SAPBTP) to drive customer success? The wait is over! Learn more with this infographic.

  • Let’s Talk Podcast: Hear from SAP partner Rizing and guest IDC on how #SAPPartners are adopting #SAPBTP to drive agility and customer value in this podcast.

  • IDC Blog Post: A recent IDC study revealed how #SAPPartners, working with #SAPBTP, helped in creating customer lifetime value and the potential for customer satisfaction and renewals.

  • IDC Video: Check out this IDC video to learn how #SAPBTP is helping #SAPPartners to drive a variety of digital initiatives:

After reviewing the guide, the below IDC statements, related to partner sentiments, stood out:

  • SAP BTP represents an opportunity to showcase the full spectrum of a partner’s capabilities.

  • SAP BTP provides partners with points of entry into client conversations beyond traditional ERP.

  • Projects are short and easy to deliver through to production with SAP BTP, which reduces the time required for partners to show value.

  • There’s a tight linkage between partners and the SAP sales teams, leading to mutual value.

  • Partners are seeing significant benefits from working with SAP BTP to accelerate project delivery.

  • An overarching business value of engaging in SAP BTP comes from the long-term relationship with clients that it facilitates.

To learn more, I invite you to explore the full study or some of the supporting materials above.  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post and please leave your comment below or post your questions in the SAP Business Technology Platform Community .

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