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Let’s say you’re a developer working in an SAP shop – and that you want to extend your environment or customize certain applications that are already up and running. Let’s also say that you’d like to do this in a way that takes advantage of new technologies around cloud, Big Data, social, and mobile. And finally, let’s say that mucking around in your core code is off limits – because maintaining your standard is critically important for maintaining business and technical agility.

Sound like a tall order? It doesn’t have to be. Not with SAP HANA Cloud Platform.


SAP HANA Cloud Platform is an open platform-as-a-service with an in-memory database and extensive business application services. With it, you can quickly build, integrate, and deploy rich and lightweight cloud apps that help you extend or customize your current on-premise or cloud applications – all without impacting your core. You can use intensive data processing capabilities to connect to the Internet of Things (IoT) and enable proactive and predictive decision making. You can use powerful data visualizations and mash-ups to drive better business and operational process intelligence. And you can use SAP Fiori user experience and native API management tools to quickly launch new mobile apps in a way that keeps pace with customer demand. And let’s not forget: for developers who want to try it out, it’s absolutely free.

Danone: Extending on-premise solutions

Let’s take a quick look at how some SAP customers are using SAP HANA Cloud Platform today. Take for example Danone, the food products company, which wanted its call center employees in South Africa to deliver a more personalized experience to its customers. Using SAP HANA Cloud Platform, it built an intuitive B2E order management application that connects to on-premise SAP systems – all with state-of-the art data security and identification management. Today, the call center can accept orders in an instant and understand its customers better. For IT, upgrades are easy because the integration is walled-off from the core. And it can also port the app to additional call centers and even third parties as it sees fit.

Semos: Extending cloud solutions

Semos is a leading IT consulting company in southeast Europe. With SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Semos built JobPts – an employee recognition and rewards app that integrates with the SAP ERP Human Capital Management solution on premise and extends the SAP Jam social software platform and solutions from SuccessFactors, an SAP company, in the cloud. Complimenting existing performance and compensation processes, JobPts now automates motivation and reward programs at Semos, helping to drive job satisfaction and reduce employee turnover. Building new apps in the cloud

Of course, you can also use SAP HANA Cloud Platform to build and deploy completely new cloud apps – which is exactly what the National Football League in the United States did. To help grow its online fantasy football business, the NFL built and deployed a high-powered analytics app that uses SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP Lumira, cloud edition to deliver detailed player comparisons and user-specific recommendations in real time. This has helped the NFL grow its fantasy football platform 45% since 2010.

The value of free

For developers looking to dive in right away and learn more about SAP HANA Cloud Platform – we make it easy. Just sign up here, download your free trial version, and you’re off to the races. What can you do with the free version of SAP HANA Cloud Platform? Quite a bit.

For example, you can learn how to:

  • Build a mobile app from scratch
  • Deploy a hybrid app using SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile services
  • Configure the Android studio for mobile development
  • Develop UI5 applications with SAP Web IDE
  • And much more Services to help you go even further

Of course, SAP Consulting is also available to help you move forward faster with targeted enablement services.

These include the following:

  1. Assessment service – to evaluate SAP HANA Cloud Platform and prepare you to make the transition to cost-effective, future-proof solution development
  2. Boot camp service – to get hands-on experience building demo apps and build SAP HANA Cloud Platform development competency within your group
  3. Cloud integration workshop – to analyze your as-is situation and develop recommendations toward a cloud integration strategy

So get started today If you’re a developer and you want to learn about how to extend your environment in a way that’s surprisingly simple, get started today with your free trial of SAP HANA Cloud Platform here. Or for more information, send me an e-mail at

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