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Digital and farming?  Perhaps something, at least not historically, you’re accustom to hearing together.  You may be envisioning a farmer growing crops, delivering them for sale and receiving a written invoice to be paid at some point in the future.  You’re not too far off!  Today’s origination process for farmers and agri companies to contract, deliver and settle often involves many manual and even paper-based methods.  Visibility into this information is also often the same causing companies to resort to old, inefficient ways of working such as phone calls and emails into back-office clerks, resulting in increased workload.  The agricultural companies that do offer a digital platform for their business partners can encounter IT infrastructure challenges with custom-built apps requiring considerable investment in development resources.  In today’s era of digital transformation though, agricultural companies are increasingly focusing on boosting the end-to-end customer experience of their business partners.

The SAP Agricultural Origination Portal, part of the Industry Cloud, built on SAP Business Technology Platform, enables efficient collaboration between farmers and agricultural origination and trading organizations.  This is achieved by providing farmers real-time access to their contractual obligations, deliveries, settlements, and unsold inventory.  Through an intuitive cloud-based offering, farmers can make insightful decisions and agricultural companies can reduce back-office workload and increase business partner satisfaction while lowering IT costs.

The Industry Cloud is SAP’s strategy to extend the intelligent suite with innovative cloud solutions.  Built by SAP and partners, it offers an agile, open business and technology platform for our customers.  Watch Julia White, SAP’s Chief Marketing and Solutions Officer, provide a great intro on the Industry Cloud.  Explore even further at and Industry Cloud Community.

Functionality Description

Let’s review more of the product’s key features.

The Agricultural Origination Portal has a cloud-based data model with secure and timely data replication .  Due to the openness of the solution, data can also be acquired from other legacy applications.  The user interface grants business partners graphical overview, list and detailed views for:

  • Contractual terms and conditions including pricing & quantity statuses, dates, fees and optionalities.

  • Delivery status including planned and unplanned activities and any quality based volume adjustments.

  • Settlement information such as when they’ve been generated, the amounts, any price adjustments and payment status.

  • Visibility into co-mingled inventory across all commodities


Farmer accounts can easily be onboarded and managed for those with administrative permissions.  The product also offers an intuitive, flexible user interface supporting configurable views and filters.  Additionally, an analytics dashboard contains rich KPI’s across all origination activity and is supported for both desktop and mobile devices.

Origination Dashboard

Settlement Overview

For customers who have a platform in place, they can leverage the Headless UX architecture delivered as part of the initial release.  API’s delivered with the product can be used by partners and customers to:

  • Support UI flexibility with fully custom frontends and portals of their technology of choice (all while leverage a stable Industry Cloud backbone)

  • Integrate custom portals, platforms or 3rd party apps for competitive differentiation and business continuity with farmers

  • Incorporate into other SAP or 3rd party products (e.g. Customer Experience for merchants)


Check out more information on SAP Help.


What are the benefits?

The Agricultural Origination Portal offers efficient collaboration between agricultural companies and their farmers. Other benefits include:

  • Reduced number of calls and inquiries from farmers and, thereby, reduce the workload for back-office clerks

  • Increased farmer satisfaction to improve farmer loyalty, retention rate, and contract renewals

  • Decreased IT spend to build and maintain a custom solution


What’s Next for the Agricultural Origination Portal?

This is just the start for the product.  As part of this digital journey, the vision is to support more collaborative and interactive features between Agri companies and their business partners.  Visit SAP’s Roadmap Explorer to keep up to date on the latest and planned innovations.


Now, you have learned about one aspect of Farming going digital and how SAP addresses and streamlines this process with the SAP Agricultural Origination Portal App.

Please feel free to ask questions on Industry Cloud in general or this App in particular.