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For a few months now I've been exploring the HANA (Geo)Spatial world! It has been quite an intense journey, where I've been in contact with different technologies and also with key players and evangelists across the globe.


My journey started with a simple task: a PoC! The customer, a long-term Esri ArcGIS user, heard about the SAP + Esri Partnership and was keen to learn more about all the possibilities behind it. They provided us with a set of tables, all containing spatial data.

Once I had the tables imported into SAP HANA Database, I defined all steps needed in order to... well... proof the concept. 🙂
Step 01: Install ArcGIS Pro 2.1 Beta Version;

Step 02: Set up SAP HANA as an Esri enabled Enterprise Geodatabase;

Step 03: Register the database tables with the Geodatabase;

Step 04: Create and Publish ArcGIS Map Layers online;

Step 05: Create a SAP Analytics Cloud Story with the published map layer.


I am not a GIS professional, neither was I ever an ArcGIS user in the past. So, I decided to speed up the process by requesting help from the experts! And thanks to these amazing and dedicated colleagues, I got all support needed to perform some of the above steps.

And because it worked out so well, I went further and created a SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) Geo Model from a Live HANA connection.

So, if you are starting the same journey on enabling SAP HANA as an Esri enabled Enterprise Geodatabase, or if you want to learn more about HANA Spatial and/or about how to create SAC Geo Models from HANA, make sure to stay tuned and follow me here. I will be posting expert interviews, hands-on videos, tips & tricks, so YOU also can start your journey!

The first step: Download and install HANA 2.0 SPS 02, at least. For more details, see SAP HANA, express edition.

The first video is under production at the moment and will cover Steps 02 and 03 above, which I performed by following Tom Turchioe's Blog: The new ArcGIS Enterprise Geodatabase for HANA – First Impressions. In the meantime, feel free to check out the short video below, which gives you an overview of the newly released SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 03.



Have fun watching and let me know if there is any related topic you would like to have covered. Cheers!
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