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For a while, I have been seeing people are having issues connecting their HANA Studio to the servers in CloudShare. You have setup your connection, all the icons are green

everything is working and looking good. Next day, you log back in to your account and suddenly it gets invalidated and turns red :???: :mad:

So this is the story, HANA Studio has a feature that basically stores all your connection credentials inside a storage. This storage is secured by a master password that the studio auto generates during the first time you enter your server credentials. You must be already familiar with the following dialog box:

This is when your credentials are "encrypted" inside the secure storage.

However, as much as the encryption goes, when they key got corrupted, you won't be able to decrypt the original information. And this is exactly what happens. For an unknown reason, the key sometimes got corrupted and your login got invalidated. You get "invalid user name / password". This is not because your backend profile was changed, you got a wrong user name / password, you didn't type it correctly, etc, it simply because your decrypt key got corrupted. The corrupted key makes the Studio logs you in with the incorrect information.

So here is the solution:

  1. Open the Studio properties. File > Properties
  2. On the Database User Logon, click on Secure Storage

3. Click change password. It might give you a pop up saying that decryption key is corrupted. Just say yes to it.

4. You got a new key and you're good to go :wink: !!

If it still fails, my colleague ferry.lianto3 put together a nice document on how to delete your secure storage entirely and basically reset the whole Studio here.

UPDATE: You can go to Eclipse doc page here for more info about the secure storage itself. Maybe you can find what the root cause is? Easter egg challenge? :grin:

Have fun!