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.. or should I title this simple "The Power of combining your voices ?"

A few weeks ago I wanted to gather customer feedback to prioritize a small set of requirements for the SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Suite. At the end it is you - our customers - that should have a say in what the priorities should be.

So how can you get a lot of voices on a specific topic in a very short timeframe ?

The answer was very simple and to be honest I did not have to think long about it - the answer is SAP User Groups.

I reached out tow tammy.powlas3 and anita.yuen and together we reached to :

So in 3 days we had over 200 customers responding from all around the world and providing their input and their feedback and their view on which of the requirements was most important for them.

To me this shows how important the User Groups are but to me it even shows more important how a consolidated voice can have an impact on the product roadmap and how impactful "one voice" can be.

The feedback from all customers has been collected and we handed the feedback to the ASUG Influence Council for SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, and the team is now looking into incorporating the feedback and to update the product roadmap according to the very important and relevant customer input.

I thought I share this experience to show how important User Groups are and why something like ASUG Influence Councils are so important and such a great mechanism to provide your very own feedback combined with several other customers in "one voice" back to the SAP product teams.

Many thanks to all the people that helped on this. Very much appreciated.