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Imagine a customer thinks this about your SAP application: "I wish I could see the mobile number for our suppliers," or, "I wish I didn't have to see the Country field in this app, it just clutters the screen." Unfortunately, they either have to get IT to make the changes or they just live with it.

Instead, how about letting a business expert user make changes directly to the UI while the app is running in the SAP Fiori launchpad, without the help of IT? When they think, "I could use more fields, or I wish I could move some fields around"? What if they could get the perfect UI without any programming knowledge or technical know-how, with just a few mouse clicks?

With SAPUI5 flexibility services, that's exactly what you can do! With WYSIWYG features, such as drag and drop and in-place text editing, adapting UIs is so intuitive and simple that anyone can do it – a real game changer when it comes to adapting SAP Fiori apps!

What do you get out of flexibility services?

Little effort for you, maximum benefit for your customers

Enabling apps takes just minutes, even for already developed ones. Just use the SAPUI5 controls supported by flexibility services (most of them are!) and use stable IDs. And off you go! As SAP Fiori launchpad supports flexibility services out of the box, your app is ready to be adapted.

Built-in quality

Using a special rule in SAPUI5 Support Assistant, developers can quickly check whether all IDs are stable. Also, One Page Acceptance Tests (OPA5) allow automated testing of flexibility services.

Competitive advantage

Customers love how easy adapting apps is using flexibility services. Make this your advantage! Wouldn't it be a shame if your apps fell behind just because they did not support the feature that everybody wants?

Fast performance and future-proof changes

UI changes made with flexibility services are modification-free, upgrade-safe, and fast. Experience what true flexibility means by having the UI changes detached from the apps and applied only at runtime. A clever layering mechanism allows different groups to make changes without interfering with each other.

What's next?

Try out adapting UIs yourself and play around with our demo apps in the SAPUI5 Demo Kit. Or read more about flexibility services in general.


Give this a try and let us know what you think!  Have you used this already? We want to know how it's working for you and how we can make it better.

*Originally written by Thomas Niederbuehl and edited for external distribution by Jessica Merz.