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The Perfect Data Visualization Tool for Finance, Marketing, HR, Logistics – and Even for Sales Reps

by Irvin Akopov, Content Marketing Manager, SAP Lumira

Everyone knows that a picture is worth 1,000 words – or, in a business context, that complex data is much easier to convey and understand when presented visually. Data visualization can be an incredibly powerful tool, from customer and team presentations to internal performance reporting. But who has time, the expertise, or the attention span for that?

Well, you do. Let me introduce SAP Lumira. It’s breakthrough software that lets you easily combine data from different sources and lines of business into a single view. This sophisticated data visualization technology helps you take the important pieces of information from your analyses, reports and processes and display it in a way that helps you actually “see” critical milestones, what-if scenarios, trends, and a lot more.

With simple point-and-click, you can organize and consolidate information however you want it, analyze it quickly, and create clear, compelling graphics to convey and share knowledge. You can go beyond spreadsheets and basic reports to a fast, engaging way to present information.

Everything about SAP Lumira is easy – and that’s one reason why entire teams are using it to make data accessible and relevant according to their needs and their audience. Our customers tell us that user adoption is a real strong point. Another is speed. When you need to take action quickly, why wait weeks for a visual analysis when you can get it so much faster with SAP Lumira?

Even purchasing is easy. SAP Lumira is available on a per-user basis on, an online store with a simple, seamless click-through buying process.

So let’s take a look at how to work with it. The first step is to identify the message you want to deliver. What do you want your audience to take away? SAP Lumira helps you uncover the answers you need in your data. Next, select the right chart type based on the goal of your narrative.

Then, with minimal time and effort, you can create beautiful analytics in a format best suited to the data. You can show change over time with a line chart; compare values of different categories with a bar chart; compare percentage values in a pie chart; and even highlight geographic data in a bubble chart. Forget about spreadsheets and static reports. This is much more fun.

Let’s take a quick look at SAP Lumira in action.

A marketing team might use SAP Lumira to analyze customer behavior. Each time a consumer makes a purchase, signs up for a loyalty program, or subscribes to an email newsletter, the data gets:

    ● Collected

    ● Analyzed

    ● Sliced and diced to have an inside look at consumer behavior

With SAP Lumira, you can use this for insights that help you:

    ● Predict new trends

    ● Determine what products will sell the most in a particular area

    ● Decide the right time to generate an inventory restocking order

Now imagine a sales call to a top client. You ask her a few questions and she gives you the answers. Using this new information, you effectively:

    ● Plug in some statistics that relate to her business

    ● Transform the data into the software

    ● Enrich the data with the click of a button or two

    ● Generate an appealing visual picture that demonstrates the ROI for the latest upgrade

With a few clicks of the mouse, you’ve given your customer a reason to buy based on her personal data.

Or say you’re a logistics expert meeting with a collaborative trading partner. Through the use of heat maps, geospatial maps, info threads, and word clouds, you can create visuals that easily convey volumes of complex data, identify patterns, and achieve the answers to fundamental business questions.

What about pipeline analysis? Your CRM system is overflowing with all kinds of information, but delving into it can be time consuming, and it won’t give you a clear view of potential changes that can affect sales. The pipeline is a mix of complex situations, with a myriad of conditions.

Data visualization can take these variations and change them into a clear picture of the health of your pipeline. This empowers you to prioritize your time, adjust for the trends that you now can see, and expend your efforts on those that are likely to produce the best results.

Check out SAP Lumira! You can even try it free for 30 days.