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Join us for a new series of LinkedIn Live chats with our Fast Start app development partners, where we’ll discuss how native iOS apps can help solve some of the unique business challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ll tackle themes such as optimizing remote work, reimagining customer experience, preparing for business reopening and adapting to a contactless enterprise. This blog will be updated regularly to include the next scheduled sessions – keep checking back! 

The case for mobile apps in unprecedented times 

The past few months have illustrated that having a digital strategy for your business is vital and more important than ever in unprecedented timesWhile different industries have experienced varying outcomes due to the pandemic, the case for agility and rapid innovation has been consistent across the board. 

Mobile apps can provide quick and effective digital solutions to some of the unique challenges that we face today. We've recently seen some impactful iOS apps, built with the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, helping with everything from contact tracing to bringing free resources to the fingertips of millions of Americans in needFor businesses, mobile has allowed companies to reimagine entire customer and employee experiences using the power of iPhone and iPads, while adhering to physical distancing measures and new contactless processes.

Having worked on countless mobile projects in recent months, we've invited our Fast Start partners to share their experience building apps for the ‘next normal’. Tune into the upcoming LinkedIn Live sessions on the SAP Technology LinkedIn Channel:


Past Episodes: 

Preparing for a safe campus reopening with a #contacttracing app

LinkedIn Live with Tecnológico de Monterrey and Blueboot


On-campus health and safety is top of mind for Tecnológico de Monterrey, the largest private university in Mexico, as they prepare for a safe reopening post COVID-19 pandemic related closures. Working with SAP Fast Start partner Blueboot, Tecnológico de Monterrey built a contact tracing app on the SAP Business Technology Platform to monitor staff and student symptoms, while making COVID-19 health resources available to everyone both on campus and remotely.

Join the LinkedIn Live chat with Paulina Campos Villaseñor, COVID-19 Officer at Tecnológico de Monterrey and Martín Nodar from Blueboot to learn about how they built a contact tracing mobile app in just 30 days, while continuously increasing the feature scope.

Topics we’ll cover:

  • The initial requirements for the contact tracing app and how the requirements evolved over time

  • Things to consider when building a contact tracing app and lessons learned

  • Experiences building the app on the SAP Business Technology Platform using components like SAP Fiori

Protecting mine workers with a native #contacttracing app

LinkedIn Live with Newcrest Mining and Bourne Digital


As one of the first companies in Australia to implement a contact tracing solution, Newcrest Mining worked with SAP Fast Start partner Bourne Digital in April 2020 to build a native app, supported by Beacon devices, that will traces and logs users’ contact to other users using Bluetooth technology, for mitigating COVID-19 outbreaks at their mining sites.

Join the upcoming LinkedIn Live with Nicole Ansell of Newcrest Mining and Selim Ahmed of Bourne Digital to learn about how they designed and implemented the solution in just four weeks (while working 100% remotely) and the benefits that they have seen throughout their organization.

Topics we’ll cover:

  • Why Newcrest Mining decided to invest in a native contact tracing mobile app built on the SAP Business Technology Platform

  • The process they took to design and implement the app, remotely, and ensure adoption across their mining sites

  • Feedback received from end users of the contact tracing solution and the lessons learned


Empowering field service technicians with great mobile #UX

LinkedIn Live with Vestas and Trifork


The world’s leading wind turbine manufacturer, Vestas, worked with Fast Start partner Trifork to develop a suite of custom iOS apps with the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS to simplify processes, support employees and create a great customer experience. With the iPhone and custom apps, service technicians save 400,000 working hours, every year.

Join us for a LinkedIn Live chat with Troels Fleckenstein from Vestas and Thomas Ove Rasmussen from Trifork, where we’ll discuss how they worked together to create enterprise apps that support employees in new ways of working and empower them to do great things.

Topics we’ll cover:

  • Putting user experience at the forefront of an app development project with design thinking

  • Unlocking the full potential of Enterprise software investments through mobile experiences

  • How to maximize mobile app user adoption, business value and project ROI

Mobile apps for the ‘next normal’ retail #customerexperience

LinkedIn Live with Keytree


As retail businesses reopen, allowing shoppers to once again walk through the doors of brick and mortar stores, many things look different in the ‘next normal’ of physical retail. From new sanitization and safety measures, to regulating store capacity with queues, to quarantining returned items, retailers have had to redesign their entire in-store customer experience. Join us for a LinkedIn Live session with Steve Ingram, Retail Industry Director at Keytree (developers of the popular in-store clienteling app KIT) to learn best practices and tips for re-imagining your customer experience in today’s physically distant retail landscape. Topics we’ll cover:

•         Key trends in the next normal of retail customer experience
•         How mobile apps can help streamline new processes and measures
•         Best practices learned in helping thousands of stores reopen and adapt to new safety measures

Ensuring workplace #health and #safety with an onsite mobile app

LinkedIn Live with Bourne Digital


Employee #health and #safety is the number one priority for organizations as employees return to work in the new COVID-19 environment. Safety inspectors and employees require the right tools to help them assess and manage safety as part of their return to work processes.

Join us for a chat with Selim Ahmed, CEO of Bourne Digital and Richard Dovison, Head of Safety and Risk at Nutrien Ag Solutions to learn about how a simple mobile app can ‘coach’ a strong workplace safety culture. Topics we’ll cover:

  • Simplifying site safety inspections through user experience design and task simplification

  • How mobile apps can help in supporting site safety in the current COVID-19 environment

  • Nutrien Ag’s experience with the Bourne Digital SafeSite app, built using the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS

Supporting #WFH employees with custom mobile apps for remote work

with Incture Technologies


With remote work being the new standard, ensuring that your employees have access to all the systems and services they need while working from home has never been more important. Custom mobile apps can be a great way to quickly and cost effectively provide your employees with reliable, easy to use tools that help them excel at their jobs, remotely.

Join us for a chat with Shruti Patra and Kyle Morris from Incture Technologies, to learn about:

  • The benefits of mobile apps in helping organizations adapt to the new normal of remote work

  • Key things to consider when approaching a new mobile app development project 

  • Incture’s remote work apps built using the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS 


What are you curious about in enterprise iOS? 

Have an iOS app development topic that you’d like to hear about? We’d love to cover it! Comment below with questions and we’ll try to incorporate into a future LinkedIn Live. 

About the Fast Start program 

A modern and mobile SAP experience, made possible by native iOS apps, can dramatically improve productivity, significantly reduce errors, and delight employees and customers with intuitive tools that save time. To help you create these experiences quickly and affordably with proven solutions, Apple and SAP have curated Fast Start packages, delivered by select partners. Each Fast Start packages includes: an iOS App or reusable app building blocks, documentation and integration accelerators to help get up and running quick. Explore the Fast Start packages. 

We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming LinkedIn Live chats on the SAP Technology LinkedIn Channel.