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Good news! Managing entitlements and quotas on SAP Cloud Platform cockpit just got a lot easier.

We've listened to your feedback and agreed that it was time for the Entitlements page in the cockpit to get a brand new design that would improve your user experience and make it faster and more efficient for you to distribute your quotas accross subaccounts.

But we didn't stop here. We've also created an additional entitlements page at subaccount level, where all members of that subaccount can get quick access to view their entitlements and quotas - no more navigating back to the global account everytime.

So how does it all work?

As I've already briefly mentioned, entitlements and quotas are now accessible through two different pages in the cockpit:

  • The Entitlements page at global account level - this is now only visible to global account administrators

  • The Subaccount Entitlements page at subaccount level - this is visible to all subaccount members, but only editable by global account administrators

You can only edit entitlements and quotas if you are a global account administrator, but you can view the entitlements of all subaccounts that you're a member of.

I'm a global account admin. What has changed for me?

Well, for starters, your life has gotten a lot easier!

In the redesigned Entitlements page at global account level, you can now choose between 2 different modes of displaying your entitlements - Subaccounts and Services. Let's have a look at each of them in more detail.

1. Subaccounts Mode

In this mode you can choose the subaccounts you would like to view or configure the entitlements for (remember to click on Go every time you change the filter).

In the example below, 2 subaccounts have been selected, and you get a table displayed for each one. In these tables you can see the services, plans and quotas that are already assigned to each subaccount.

To make changes to a subaccount, you choose Configure Entitlements in the respective table, which will enable the edit mode for that subaccount. This will temporarily disable the configuration of the other subaccounts, since you can only edit one subaccount at a time.

In edit mode, you can either add additional service plans to the subaccount, change the quota for existing plans by using the + and - buttons or delete an entire service plan and all its quota assigned to the subaccount by choosing the delete icon in the Actions column.

Once you're done editing you choose Save, which re-enables the Configure Entitlements buttons for the other subaccounts.

2. Services Mode

This mode doesn't allow you to make any changes to the entitlement and quota assignments, but it enables you to see all the services available in your global account, as well as details on the assignment of each service plan.

In the Services mode you have 2 options: seeing an overview of all available services or choosing a service to see details on its usage.

Service Overview

As its name suggests, this option gives you an overview of all the services, plans and quotas available in the global account. You can also see the global usage for each service plan, as well as a chart that lets you know how much that represents from the overall global quota available.

From this page you can navigate directly to the details of a specific service, by clicking on the number in the Used Quota column.

Service Details

As previously mentioned, you can navigate to the details of a specific service directly from the Service Overview by clicking on the number in the Used Quota column. Alternatively, you can also change the filter at the top and choose the service you're interested in from the dropdown list.

In the Service Details, you get an overview of all the subaccounts that are currently entitled to that service. For each subaccount, you see what plan is used and how much quota is assigned. You also get a chart that shows what the subaccount quota represents in comparison to the global quota used and the overall global quota available for that service.

The subaccount quota is represented by the black line, the green represents the amount of global quota that is assigned to subaccounts, and the bar is the overall global account quota available.

To navigate back to the Service Overview from this page, simply select it from the dropdown list at the top and click Go.

What about the new page at subaccount level?

Glad you asked! The new Subaccount Entitlements page works just like the Subaccounts mode in the Entitlements page at global account level. The only difference is that you cannot choose multiple subaccounts, you can only see and edit the subaccount you are in. Easy, right?

That's it!

Now you know what to expect from the new Entitlements pages. Be sure to provide feedback either through the cockpit or by commenting directly on this blog, so that we can continue to improve your development experience.

If you would like to learn more about how to manage entitlements and quotas in the cockpit, have a look at our documentation: Configure Entitlements and Quotas for Subaccounts