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Rouven Morato and Gero Decker, Co-Leads of Business Process Intelligence at SAP, spoke at SAPPHIRE NOW 2021

As SAP customers transform their business processes, it makes sense that SAP should also play an important role in this transformation. In fact, as Rouven Morato, Co-Lead of Business Process Intelligence at SAP reminded audiences at SAPPHIRE NOW 2021, SAP touches over 70% of the world’s GDP. In Morato’s words, at SAP, we know that it is our “obligation” to join our customers on this journey. In the same session, Morato was joined by his Co-Lead, Gero Decker, as they unpacked the key questions surrounding Business Process Intelligence (BPI) 

Systems, data, people, and processes are the four key components of digital transformation.  

All four elements need to be addressed to complete a holistic transformation, but businesses can fall into the trap of only focusing on one, with ‘process’ often getting left behind. This one-dimensional approach reduces digital transformation to an IT project, and not a business process. This also reduces the value of the transformation itself. This is where Business Process Intelligence comes in to address every dimension of transformation equally.  

BPI helps to build better businesses.  

Process management isn’t just a problem-solving tool, the past year has demonstrated to everyone that it is a valuable way for businesses to future proof and re-invent their processes for agility and a better customer experience. SAP’s recent acquisition of Signavio means that businesses can mine any system – SAP or otherwise – to provide an end-to-end view of their processes on a deeper level.   

Want to learn more about how you can be successful with your digital transformation journey? Reach out to your SAP or Signavio contact to schedule an in-depth review of how BPI can help. In the meantime, watch Gero Decker and Rouven Morato in this session of SAPPHIRE NOW