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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

To create a course you need many different ingredients: an interesting topic, a great set of experts, and an amazing team that supports the production in all of its many steps. In this blog, I would like to give you a glimpse behind the scenes of the making of Get to Know SAP’s Innovative Enterprise Solutions.

The first step in creating an openSAP course is to get the experts together to narrow down the topic until a weekly structure is defined. Coffee and pretzels gave us the energy we needed during the many days of planning. Eventually we became so familiar with the topics that our e-mails were just a long list of acronyms: W1 for week 1, SFSF for SuccessFactors, LoBs for lines of business, HEC for SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud…

Before the video recording can start, the slides used in the presentation have to pass quality gates, like copy editing and graphic check. Week 2, for example, has traveled several times from Canada to India, with stops in Germany. If the slides had passports, they would certainly have collected a bunch of custom stamps!  After the slides are approved, the course is ready to go into video production. Half of the videos were recorded in Germany; week 2 was recorded in Canada and France, week 4 in Israel, and week 6 in China.

Working in the video studio is usually a fun time and every presenter has little rituals before recording. Some, for example, like to listen to very loud music while going through the slides five minutes before the shoot. Since most of the videos were recorded in the summer, some took a change of clothes with them, so that their top would look really business-like, but their bottoms were more… casual.

This course was chosen to be localized and translated into Chinese. The English title: Get to Know SAP’s Innovative Enterprise Solutions became 让我们开始了解SAP创新企业解决方案! The course was highly appreciated in China, and the number of users grew quickly over the six course weeks. The Chinese team was very supportive and helpful; eventually at openSAP, we learned how to read Chinese numbers from 1 to 6!

These are just some facts about how we created the course. Now let’s look at some figures.

The English course, Get to Know SAP’s Innovative Enterprise Solutions, had 7,543 enrollments on day 1, and grew to 10,771 on the last day. Many participants are still joining the course, which is now available in self-paced mode.

  • Over 14.6% of the students earned a record of achievement.
  • The average age of the participants was 34.
  • 20% of the audience was made up of women.
  • Learners came from 113 countries.
  • In the discussion forum, there were over 600 posts.

At the end of this project, one question remains open:  How do we measure success?  At openSAP we believe that YOU are the measure of our success, with your positive feedback, your suggestions for improvement, lively discussions, and your continued interest and support.

Thanks to all of the participants who joined Get to Know SAP's Innovative Enterprise Solutions. We look forward to seeing you on a future course!