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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

The calamitous typhoon Hainan, and the trail of destruction it has left across the Philippines, highlights the challenges of providing relief in a region where roads, airports and ports have been decimated. To underscore the massive scale of the destruction, the

UN World Food Program (UFP) reports reveal that wrecked infrastructure is making humanitarian efforts a logistics nightmare. The challenge of reaching numerous desolate locations (the Philippines consists of over 7,000 islands) is daunting. Local news channels show

Humanitarian Supply Chains

Humanitarian supply chains focus on minimizing loss of life and suffering, and their logistics processes offer equity and fairness of distribution across the affected areas. They need real-time visibility of where all shipments are, where they are going and what can be redirected or moved to the affected area in the most efficient ways. With the technical infrastructure also in disarray, this visibility is highly dependent on mobile and GPS capabilities for communication. When on the ground, drivers need to be able to plan routes based on which roads are still useable and which have become impassable as a result of the typhoon. And it is critical to have visibility and traceability of all inventories in all medical centers, distribution hubs and evacuation centers to determine where the limited supplies can have the maximum effect.

A great example of managing supply chains in the face of natural disasters is Direct Relief International. They are just one of many humanitarian organizations, bringing relief, and leveraging technology to help bring this support.

If you would like to help with a financial donation, SAP has several global disaster relief partners such as:

As the world comes together to support and help the people of the Philippines, it is good to see technology playing an important part in the recovery.

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