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Focused on SME partners in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), this edition of the Hack2Build was held completely in Spanish from August 14th to 18th. The participants utilized their prior experience with data visualization tools to understand the potential of SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). In the span of a single week, they succeeded in creating visually appealing dashboards filled with meaningful KPIs, while also investigating some of the more intricate SAC’s predictive and analytic features.

The Hack2Build initiative from SAP is a rapid prototyping initiative to drive early-stage inspiration, use case exploration and technology adoption for SAP partners. In this experience, partners validate their ideas, get coaching and support during the build of the prototype, and get hands-on experience with SAP Technologies. After the hackathon, they also explore how to package the solution and get ready for go-to-market.


The Participating Companies

Hack2Build: Create Analytics Scenarios and Applications with SAP Analytics Cloud – LAC (Spanish) – August/2023 Participants

We were glad to welcome twelve SAP partner companies with over 60 individuals from seven different countries in LAC (spanning four timezones!). The participants of this edition were: CEO Consultoría, CVM Group, EMPA Technologies, FMP Technology Services, Heinsohn, Heinsohntech (Ecuador), Invenzis, RedSinergia, Xamai (de Grupo Scanda), SCL Consulting, SME Consultores and VisualK Group.

As this was the first time for most participants to get their hands on SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), they took their time to learn and uncover the possibilities. Given a day or two, the prototyped use cases were already taking form. The participants built delightful Dashboards and the business cases were inspired by real customer’s needs. The most impressive fact is how easy is to kickstart the development on SAC and how impressive were the developed analytic applications.

The remarkable presentations during the Kick-off executive sessions, coupled with the fast-track learning in the Kick-off expert sessions, made all this possible. On the one hand, the SAC overview showcased a wide range of possibilities, broadening the participants' perspective. While on the other hand, they were introduced to the initial steps and fundamental functionalities, enabling them to dive straight into SAC and kickstart their tasks.

For the next few days, the partners focused on developing their prototypes supported by SAP experts. On Friday (August 18th), at the Demo Jam, they had the opportunity to present their use cases and prototypes to the audience and panel of judges.


Demo Jam and the Panel of Judges

All the participants reached the final stage of the Demo Jam, where they exhibited their innovative ideas. They had a rigorous morning as they had just 10 minutes to present their use case and operational prototype, with the goal of impressing the Jury and responding to their inquiries.

The Panel of Judges offered partners a diverse perspective and consisted of three SAP senior executives:

Panel of Judges

The judges were amazed by the showcases, given the constraints of such short time and high quality of the partner prototypes. They also had the chance to provide insights and feedback to each partner.


The Winners

Winner: CVM Group

CVM Group innovated with a solution for Apparel and Footwear. This industry requires greater control of production from planning to delivery with inventories in a Matrix (Size-Model-Color). The Addon Apparel & Footware by CVM Group covers these requirements, and would benefit from analytics and dashboards to better control the status of manufacturing and inventory, from raw material to finished product. CVM Group developed control panels and specific reports with the functionalities provided by SAP Analytics Cloud.


First Runner-up: SCL Consulting

SCL Consulting created a Production Control Dashboard, where the user can view the production tracking by plant in real time, visualize order status (pending, to be produced, in production, in execution, and completed) and the status of production lines (operational or maintenance). This dashboard enables real-time decision making on problems in production lines, resulting in reduction of non-production costs due to improvements in planning and decision support.


Second Runner-up: EMPA Technologies / VisualK Group

For the first time we had a tie in a Hack2Build Demo Jam in LAC! The Judges rewarded both EMPA Technologies and VisualK Group the Second Runner-up position.

EMPA Technologies developed EMPA Maintenance, to cover the Preventive and Corrective Maintenance needs of any company with its own assets or those from third parties. It has analysis for predictive maintenance through statistical data based on Problem category, Sub-type, and frequency of maintenance events for each asset. The result is anticipation of costly repairs that stop the operation, as well as analysis of spare parts, and suppliers.


VisualK Group showcased a Predictive Maintenance Analysis for their Maintenance Solution, CMMSOne. This analytical report allows to determine, based on the usage record, and measurements through IoT devices, when is the right time to carry out maintenance to avoid damaging the equipment, and when it will be necessary to incorporate another resource.


The Voice from the Winners (Spanish only - subtitles available in English)



Beyond a Hackathon

As the intent of Hack2Build event is to help our partners to build their solution, the move to the next BUILD phase is critical for the partners to drive successful outcome with their innovations. Most of the partners plan to continue with their development and bring their solutions to customers as soon as possible.



We would like to thank all finalist teams, in no order, and the use cases they prototyped during this Hack2Build:

  • CEO Consultoría – Orion SmartStock: Predictive analysis to optimize supply chain through stock reduction and demand prediction;

  • FMP Technology Services – a Supply Chain analysis that ranks suppliers, buyers, and payers to identify best deals, suppliers, customers;

  • Heinsohn – SAP Business One Account Management: payments receivable per customer analysis;

  • Heinsohntech (Ecuador) – PYG x CC: a Profit and Loss by Cost Center dashboard for accounting analysis;

  • Invenzis – a production and planning dashboard for the Food-Diary industry;

  • RedSinergia – a Retail dashboard for companies with multiple sales channels;

  • Xamai (de Grupo Scanda) – Data Inspector: employee and business partner data quality analysis to maintain data integrity; and

  • SME Consultores – a Profit and Loss analysis by projects and cost center with forecasting.

To award the excellent work results presented, all the participant partner teams received digital badges by from SAP.

Virtual Selfie during the Demo Jam


We also would like to thank all the SAP teams and colleagues for their passionate and tireless commitment and the tremendous support they offered, which made this event possible! Kudos and special thanks to:

  • Carolina Bastos, Carolina Spinola, João Cavalcanti and Rudi Held for the executive support and event sponsorship;

  • Andre Silveira, Jean Geus and João Cavalcanti, for acting as Judges;

  • Andres Rincón, Emanuela Lazo and Manuel Bernal for the presentations;

  • Katherine Reina for the enthusiasm and momentum of promoting the Hack2Build initiative to the benefit of the SME Ecosystem in LAC;

  • Alessandro Biagi, Cesare Calabria, and Amine Mabrouk for the technical support throughout the event; and

  • All colleagues from SAP Partner Ecosystem Success and SAP Co-Innovation Lab for helping and supporting this event.

Thank you for your excellent support during all phases of the Hack2Build. We couldn’t have it done without your leadership, domain expertise, and dedication to the success of SAP and our Ecosystem.


SAP Hack2Build LAC Team 

Authors: Ronildo Santos and Lucas Rigo