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Developer Advocate
"So I think I'm live..."

With those words, so began a new era in content targeted at SAP Developers.  That was SAP's own launching his first live coding stream on Twitch back in the spring of 2019.

What began as something rather experimental and with inspirational roots in online game streaming has grown in importance and popularity since then.  In the industry as a whole, already the idea of watching someone else code and explain the background topic or thought process as they work has been gaining traction.  For example, see this wide list of Developers Streaming outside the SAP ecosystem:

And so too has our usage of this channel grown here at SAP.  What started as a series from just DJ has grown to include regular "shows" from several of the SAP Developer Advocates team plus regular guest appearances from prominent developer community members. This format is attractive because it offers both a way to share educational content but also provides a two way communication channel with the community. Although you can certainly watch the recordings, it is the live premiers and interactive chats that make this such a unique opportunity to connect with your fellow developers and SAP.

And with growth so comes the need for change; particularly to make it easier for you to find, follow and consume the growing amount of content which we are producing in this format. Today each of the SAP Developer Advocates creating live coding content have their own YouTube channel, separate named shows and different branding. For example, DJ streams the Hands-on SAP dev with qmacro, iinside streams his show from Max's Adventure, kevin.muessig streams Kevin's Coding Bites, and I do the ABAP_Freak->Show( ). This means multiple YouTube channels to find, subscribe to, and try and keep track of.

In order to simplify things we are moving all future content to the official SAP Developers channel on YouTube and we will group all of our various live streams under a single title and playlist - Hands-on SAP Dev.

We will continue to create all the same content that you (hopefully) know and love; but now you find all of our shows in one place.  Simply subscribe to the single SAP Developers channel and you will be notified when any of our team schedules a new live coding stream or publishes a new developer video. We won't be moving any of the existing videos, so as not to break links or lose existing comments.  But starting Tuesday, July 28th we will begin only premiering new content via the SAP Developers channel. And as EVERY video on YouTube likes to tell you, "remember to hit that Like and Subscribe button" 🙂