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We are all in some way or another mobile workers. Some of us use our mobile devices to make work phone calls, check schedules and write emails while others depend on mobile devices, apps and more to complete their daily jobs such as work orders, sales operations, retail execution and more. No matter how advanced you are as a mobile worker there are next generation technologies that are available today, and others that are coming, that will change the ways that we interact with the people, places and things around us.

Wondering 'wear' the future of mobile workers is headed?

This week there are two major activities that I suggest you attend to learn more about The Future of Mobile Workers including the Who, What and 'Wear'.

Untether Field Workers with Augmented Reality - ASUG Webinar

October 8, 2014 11:00 AM (CT), 12:00 PM (ET), 10:00 AM (MT), 9:00 AM (PT)

There are many opportunities for enterprise to use augmented reality and wearables in their daily operations. Companies are looking to find the most valuable use cases to test and even adopt these next generation technologies.

The opportunity to untether field workers is here. With augmented reality and wearables, field service technicians are enabled with a “hands free” experience through visual enterprise models, gesture or touch events, voice recognition and remote expert calling to perform their tasks and operations.

Attend this webinar with pascal.lessard, SAP Augmented Reality Product Manager to learn what Augmented Reality is all about, SAP’s current solutions for field workers, and customer use cases and co-innovation stories.

The Future of Field Workers on Coffee Break with Game-Changers

October 9,  2014 11:00 AM (CT), 10:00 PM (ET), 8:00 AM (MT), 7:00 AM (PT)

Mobility and the workplace is nothing new.  In fact it has been evolving for a while now.  Many of today’s “remote location” workers are as enabled in the field as if they are sitting in the office at their desk.  As technology has evolved so has the ability to bring computing power to the “situation” instead of needing to bring the “situation” to the computing power.  Today the ROI on field service mobility is a given, both from a money savings standpoint buy also from a simplification and customer satisfaction point of view.  However, field services situations are just one aspect of  today’s  mobile worker enablement.  Mobility is beginning to penetrate and enhance many workers lives in situations where even a few years ago, no one would have thought possible.

So several questions surface.  Are we seeing  just the tip of the iceberg in the potential Mobile?  Are there fledgling areas of worker mobility that are ready to
explode? Are certain industries prime to take advantage of more mobility in their work force today?  Is it conceivable that there is a day in the not to-distant future where the majority of the Global workforce may be fully mobile enabled and the concept of the desk fades into History? 

Please join us at 10am EST on October 9, 2014 as our panel of mobility experts including Marc Brandenburg, Director, Technical Solutions, Business Innovations Group, Samsung Mobile USA, Jeff Shaner, Senior Product Manager, Esri, Dan Cui Vice President Sales & Business Development, Vuzix Corporation and jonathan.zufi, Director – North American Mobile, Innovation Center, SAP America, to discuss the questions and opportunities around how the convergence of Mobile technology and the changing workplace are driving the expansion of enabling  Mobile workers, who has the most to gain, and what trends in Worker Mobility will ultimately impact us all.