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Over the past year, companies across all industries have been forcefully reminded of the importance of viewing digital transformation as a journey. Short-term initiatives aimed at bringing about the changes necessary for success in any business situation quickly become a cautionary lesson about unintended vulnerabilities and missed opportunities.

However, this pursuit of gradual, continuous, and well-defined digital transformation requires much more from developers than technical know-how and ingenuity. It requires the freedom to consistently explore and experiment with the latest technologies and use cases for database and data management, analytics, application integration, low-code and no-code development, and intelligent automation.


You - SAP customers, partners, and individual developers – have this freedom by using the free tier model for SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). The free tier model for SAP BTP gives you the independence to experiment and create proofs of concept, with the ability to keep all your work if you want to take it into production. In addition, you can explore use cases to solve a current business challenge and assemble the right services, tools, and applications to build a new solution from scratch or implement a predefined one.

With the launch of the free tier model for SAP BTP for the various user groups (SAP customers, partners, and individual developers ) in 2021, we have reached a major milestone. Now we are excited to offer you an ever-growing range of new free service plans. For example, we recently added another big service:


Where a strong vision for value delivery begins

SAP BTP provides the bridge of technological stability and trust between the on-premise world and the cloud. This allows customers to use the different capabilities they need on one platform, be it a database and data management solution, analytics, intelligent technologies, application development, integration, and extension tools.

Another exciting aspect of SAP BTP is its ability to cater to different types of developers. For example, low-code and no-code applications are available to allow professional developers and those with deep business knowledge but little or no development skills to design a range of applications, capabilities, process workflows, and intelligent automation.

There is no question that SAP BTP offers a broad portfolio of different services, tools, and applications. And while the features, capabilities, and tools are constantly evolving and innovating, we also want every customer to make the best use of the platform and develop their digital landscape efficiently and on their terms.

The free tier model delivers on these promises as part of the CPEA and Pay-As-You-Go agreement for SAP BTP. This allows you to test more than 25 services such as the SAP Integration Suite or databases, including SAP HANA Cloud, in a productive environment.

The free tier model offers you an exceptional opportunity to build your proof of concept with less risk and move your innovations to a paid production environment without additional rework. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to explore the basics of SAP BTP and evaluate which services and use cases can add value to your business.


How to get started

To gain more experience and innovate faster with the free tier service plans for SAP BTP, the SAP Discovery Center is the best place to start. In the SAP Discovery Center, you will find a service catalog with all the services included in the free tier. (If you don’t already have an account for SAP BTP, visit the SAP Store site to create a new account.) For more detailed information on how the free tier model for SAP BTP works and frequently asked questions, check out

For example, if you select Mobile Services, you will find related use cases and missions, such as empowering field technicians by building native apps using software development kits (SDKs). This mission describes how organizations can use iOS or Android applications to improve employee productivity in remote work settings. These mobile apps can be developed to schedule tasks, manage sales orders, and integrate these activities with inventory and other back-office systems.

Through the free tier model, you can acquire the tools, templates, integrations, content, and technical artifacts you need to optimize your outcomes with SAP BTP. You can also leverage step-by-step technical and business guidance to implement meaningful changes more easily and quickly. All changes to SAP BTP are automatically updated to ensure they have access to the latest services and capabilities.

Best of all, however, is the ability to move a new solution into a paid production environment without losing data and functionality, duplicating development efforts, and requiring an additional contract.


Through innovation comes a winning edge 

At SAP, we are always proud to deliver an offering that leverages the power of our community of customers, partners, and developers to create solutions that solve complex challenges with greater ease, efficiency, and impact.

And that is true for the free tier model as well. It represents a milestone in making SAP BTP more accessible to you - our customers, partners, and individual developers. The idea that you can try out the platform without committing to upfront costs is an exciting way to innovate in ways that we once considered impossible.


To learn how your business can benefit from the free tier model for SAP BTP, read the blog post “BTP Free Trial to Free Tier – It’s a Good Time to Switch” and visit Trial Accounts and Free Tier.” Your questions and feedback are always welcome, please let us know what you think: