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The error "Could not open iView. The iView is not compatible with your browser, operating system, or device. Contact your system administrator for more information." will appear if you try to access the portal or open certain content using an unsupported browser or device. There are a number of scenarios where this error can be thrown and I will discuss each of them.

  • Error appearing only at login

If if is then you need to check the following:

1) Check if note 1666862 - 'Allow other browsers to access the portal' is applicable for your version, if so please ensure that the fix is applied

2) Are you using a custom login component? If so you will need to update the useragent string in the portalapp.xml file as described in  kba 1646680 - 'Cannot access Enterprise Portal with Apple Safari browser'

3) Is the browser you are trying to access with actually supported for your version? You can check the browser support section of the Product Availability Matrix (PAM) at Product Availability Matrix | SAP Support Portal

4) Is this happening on a certain OS or device? Again you need to ensure that they are supported for your portal version and check PAM. Also note 1995454 - 'Central Portal Browser Support for Portal Mobile & Desktop' provides a list of OS and devices which support portal access

  • Error appearing when accessing certain content only

1) If the error is not thrown at login and happens only when navigating to a certain iview

Open the problematic iView and check "Supported User Agents" property - it should be set like this:

(MSIE, >=5.5, *) (Netscape, *, *) (Mozilla,*,*) (Safari,>=3.1, *) (Chrome,*,*)

2) Also check the Core iView under Content Administration -> Content Provided by SAP -> Core objects -> Core iView and ensure the property "Supported User Agents" is set to

(MSIE, >=5.5, *) (Netscape, *, *) (Mozilla,*,*) (Safari,>=3.1, *) (Chrome,*,*)

  • Error appearing when using IE 11 only

Check note 1972506 - 'Cannot access portal with IE11 or Framework page not loaded correctly'

  • Error appearing when using Microsoft Edge browser only

Check note 2226409 - Can't access Portal logon screen on Microsoft Edge browser

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