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In Part 1 of my blog…. I discussed why the Healthcare Ecosystem requires Digital Transformation

In Part 2, I will discuss how Healthcare solution providers can leverage SAP’s HANA Platform to enable Digital Transformation.

Executives are aware of the need for digital transformation but are unsure how to make it happen. They understand that current models are not sustainable and are starting to ask questions like:

  • How can we meet the expectations of the new healthcare consumers?
  • How do we provide patient care with optimized outcomes at reduced costs?
  • How can we leverage personalized medicine and other advancements in digital technology to
    provide highly personalized care?
  • How can we restructure and empower our workforces?
  • How can we connect our organization to the new digital healthcare network?

SAP creates the foundation and gateways to connect the digital healthcare network to core solutions for patient engagement, care delivery, care collaboration, clinical analytics, and personalized medicine. No matter what size or role your organization plays in the healthcare system, SAP can help you reimagine your processes and operational model.

At the center of the digital healthcare transformation is this simple idea: combining transactions and analytics on the same platform. Integrating structured data and unstructured data (text, video, and voice) will change the way healthcare businesses plan, scale, and innovate.

SAP HANA Platform Enables Digital Transformation

Today Healthcare IT departments are integrating disparate solutions and products from multiple vendors attempting to provide a complete view of the ecosystem. These independent systems make the demand for innovation more difficult. Institutions have been focused on integration and not innovation. With the SAP HANA Platform as the Digital Core, solution partners/developerd will experience simplification and enhanced performance. The SAP HANA Platform enables partners to achieve new and improved functionality, as well as, facilitate new solution innovations.

SAP HANA platform handles both transactions and analytics in-memory on a single copy of the data. The platform converges a state-of-the-art database with advanced data processing services, data integration services, and application services. You benefit from a single secure environment for all your mission-critical data assets, so you can manage large volumes of structured and unstructured data efficiently to improve total cost of ownership. While simplifying the IT landscape and reducing administrative efforts by consolidating multiple workloads onto SAP HANA.

The SAP HANA Platform enables faster innovation cycles for new business models and solutions. Using SAP HANA to develop next generation product offerings for customers frees partners from the complexity of legacy enterprise infrastructures. The development environment for SAP HANA supports a wide variety of application-development scenarios. For example, database developers need to be able to build a persistence model or design an analytic model; professional developers want to build enterprise-ready applications; business experts with a development background might build a simple server-side, line-of-business application; and application developers can easily design and implement a client user interface (UI) that displays the data exposed by the data model and business logic.

The SAP HANA Platform core is further enhanced by SAP VORA, our distributed computing framework for Hadoop, which adds business coherency across unstructured big data and the digital transaction core, permitting even greater compute power and flexibility to the SAP Digital Platform. VORA enables instant integration and connection to large volumes of contextual data contained outside an SAP environment and enables the mash up of business transaction data with contextual data collected from a variety of sources to enhance insight into the behavior of the Healthcare Ecosystem. HANA VORA also integrates with major open source platforms of Hadoop and Apache SPARK to provide data aging and dynamic tiering for greater economics and data storage.

With the SAP HANA Platform at the digital core, healthcare solution providers can:

  • Enable a personalized healthcare experience with integrated patient access and clinical informationexchange
  • Provide real-time access to relevant patient and clinical information at the point of care for more immediate analysis and decision making
  • Enable flexible information exchange between the patient, care providers, and health support networks
  • Establish full visibility into cost-effectiveness and outcomes
  • Reduce the IT footprint through system consolidation

Let SAP Help You Enable Healthcare Digital Transformation

Is your organization “looking to take advantage of the digital transformation occurring in the healthcare ecosystem?”

Our partners have combined technology integration, cloud, and industry expertise with the power of SAP’s HANA / HANA Cloud Platform to accelerate digital transformation in a tailored, end-to-end way. SAP knows that the Healthcare Ecosystem must evolve by creating innovation, accelerated delivery and implementing solutions with confidence and trust.

Let our Embedded Solutions team show how your business can create the “Digital Core”, powered by the SAP HANA Platform, to achieve Digital Transformation of your Healthcare solutions.

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