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How do you run a company? How does the board make decisions? or perhaps more importantly on what information do they base those decisions. Despite decades of investment on Analytic projects, in 2014 the Economist showed some startling survey results, sadly it seems this investment has not been productive…


So why is this? All these analytic applications must be producing a mountain of facts & figures to arm executives as they go into battle in the boardroom.  But when we look under the covers, how up to date is this analysis?  Traditional systems still rely on silos of Data warehouses & marts summarizing & massaging figures on a periodic basis.  All it takes is for one executive to disagree with a fact (because they’ve worked on something that’s happened since the figures were collated) then the trust for any information presented is questioned or lost.

But what if that data was live?  What if the board could get a real-time view of the business from the top down to individual transactions?  There would be no basis for disbelief, in this scenario gut-feel takes a back seat to hard facts.

That’s what the Digital Boardroom is providing, a real-time view of a company covering everything from sales, finance, logistics, manufacturing, from the very highest to the lowest level detail.  By utilizing the HANA platform it correlates every statistic live from the raw-transactions upwards so you never miss a sale, invoice or goods movement because it takes everything into account as it happens.

This allows the board to convene quickly in an agile way, without people having to spend days collating information. Executives can react quickly to unexpected events, changes in share price, or sudden fluctuations in sales for example.

After all, in our personal lives we have come to expect information to be on tap, live & up to the minute, anywhere & everywhere. Why should you have to accept any less at work?

See our boardroom of the future at our upcoming Innovation Forum in February. View the agenda and showcases here:

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