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Product and Topic Expert

ℹ This blog gives an overview on the Software Logistics Toolset 1.0 ("SL Toolset").
It is relevant for you if you are working with a software logistics tool (like Software Update Manager😞
it explains how to get the latest improvements and updates for your tool by using the SL Toolset 1.0.

Situation before the SL Toolset

Before the SL Toolset was introduced, the SL tools were delivered together with the products. Take the SAP enhancement installer (SAPehpi) as an example: it was delivered with the Business Suite. A new version of the installer now offered the implementation of Support Package Stacks (with downtime-optimization) - but that new version was not available until a new version of the Business Suite was delivered.

If we compare the installation tool with a car tool like a car-jack (movable car lifter), the analogy
could be that I have to wait for a new version of my car to get an improved version of the car jack.

An SL delivery channel independent from product delivery

Nowadays the tools are delivered with the SL Toolset, which is updated several times a year, so you get the latest improvements and updates in time. That way, the SL Toolset delivers software logistics tool improvements on a continuous basis, independent from the SAP application product shipments. The SL Toolset 1.0 is delivered in Support Package Stacks.

Let’s take the Software Update Manager (SUM; successor of the SAPehpi) as one prominent example:
SL Toolset 1.0 SPS00 contained SUM 1.0 SP00, later SL Toolset 1.0 SPS03 contains SUM 1.0 SP03.

Which tools are in for me?

A new version of the SL Toolset offers improved and updated tools, sometimes even additional tools. If you would like to know which other tools are part of the SL Toolset, check the alias /sltoolset on the SAP Support Portal ( There you will find the Software Provisioning Manager, the SAP Setup, LM Automation and others listed with latest information.

:!: SAP recommends that you download the latest Support Packages of the software logistics tool, depending on the implementation process and SAP application product as it contains latest corrections and is updated regularly.

How to get the content of the Toolset

The SL Toolset is a kind of toolbox for the tools that you need for your work. It is a kind of magic toolbox: its content is updated automatically.

Wow, something I dream of for my private garage! It would be great to always have the latest car-jack
available, whether I work on my car or on my bus. One grasp into the toolbox and it’s there.

But this comparison ends at the point where we look at the way the tools are delivered. Indeed the SL Toolset is the central entry point in the download area of the SAP Service Marketplace: you always find the latest tool version for download – but you do not download the SL Toolset itself.
You use the SL Toolset to get the tool: just open the alias /sltoolset, choose the relevant area, use the download link, and you can put the tools into your download basket. The SL Toolset is nothing to be downloaded; it is just the delivery channel.

SL Toolset: a shop window

So the SL Toolset is a kind of shop window: you always see the latest tools that are available and that can be found in the shop. Of course you can ignore the shop window, in case you exactly know the tool you need. You can just enter the shop and order the piece with order number 0815-2342 - the latest car-jack, downtime-optimized :smile:
Concerning the download area of the SAP Service Marketplace, this means that you can also ignore the SL Toolset and use the search to find the latest tool version. (Just keep in mind: without the SL Toolset, there would not have been a way to deliver the latest tool version, independent of SAP application product shipments.) And it is SAPs recommendation to use the alias /sltoolset, for example to see what’s new in SL Toolset.

Additional Information:

  • You can find further information about the delivered software logistics tools,the supported implementation processes and SAP application products in the Central Release Note for Software Logistics Toolset 1.0: 1563579.

Short Video introducing SL Toolset on Youtube: