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Of course, the concept of cloud computing has taken the software market by storm and it has almost become a commodity that everyone expects to be in place. Not a day (or blog) goes by that doesn’t tout the infinite benefits of the cloud.

And the advantages seem crystal clear. Really?

I am not sure this is true! I think much of the real goodness of cloud is still not fully understood, and I‘d like to use the example of a very common consumer product – the automobile - to explain how strong a native cloud solution really is.

  • What would happen if the benefits of a cloud software were applied to the way we use cars?
  • What would the “Cloudcar” of the future look like?

Let’s have a look into a possible future and adapt this great method to the car industry:

  • You would not need to buy the car. You would pay as you go, picking the subscription model that best suits your needs. For example, one model might offer unlimited usage per driver. Another model might be based on the distance driven.
  • You would not need to decide for a bigger car based on the assumption that you family could grow over the next years! If you need more seats, you can always get a bigger car whenever you need it, immediately.
  • You would drive the latest model all the time. No need to look for new models, ordering and wait for the new one until it reaches your garage. New models are delivered over night or over the weekend. You’ll find them in the morning in the same place you parked the old one the night before. And all your stuff that’s in your car is again in the same place in the new one, the seat and the mirrors are in the right position. Addresses are still stored in your GPS and mobile, your music player still has your favorite playlists.
  • The fans of high-performance cars would be happy as well: Whenever there is a new platform with a more powerful and economic engine and a complete new chassis which runs much faster than the old one - you would benefit over night as well.
  • You would not have to go to the garage for maintenance or to change tires. You would not have to pay additional insurance fees or dues to an automobile association to be prepared when having an unplanned stop on a long distance trip with your car.
  • You would not worry about somebody stealing your car or you beloved items you left in the car! Your car would be always parked in a high security area - wherever you are.
  • And best of all, you would be able to control your car with your smart phone, e.g. checking engine  status, programming a destination into your GPS and transferring new music. All included with no additional fee and running directly out-of-the box.

Wouldn’t that be a dream come true?

For software, this is available today with native cloud solutions: