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You must have heard by now about the new Application Programming Model for SAP Cloud Platform.

Its History,

Its Benefits,

Its Strength,

You read about how to use it,

And probably tried it out yourself.

This was all only preparation for what's to come - SAP TechEd 2018!

We prepared many sessions for you to hear and learn and get the very best from our experts, all you need to do is show up!

In the hands-on sessions we have very cool exercises for you - don't miss them out!


  • CNA221 - Lecture (1 hour) - Overview and Walkthrough of Programming Model with SAP Cloud Platform.

  • CNA214 - Lecture (1 hour) - High-Productivity Full-Stack Application Development with SAP Web IDE.

  • CNA375 - Hands-on (2 hours) - Build Node Applications Using the Programming Model with SAP Cloud Platform.

  • CNA376 - Hands-on (2 hours) - Build Applications with the Programming Model on SAP Cloud Platform.

  • CNA262 - Hands-on (2 hours) - Developing SAP HANA Database Modules with an Application Programming Model.

  • CNA462 - Hands-on (2 hours) - Develop UIs for Microservices-Based Applications on SAP Cloud Platform.

  • CNA652 - Code-jam (1 hour) - Less Than One Hour to a SaaS Application with SAP Cloud Platform.

  • CNA705 - Code-review (30 mins) - The best and easiest way to extend S/4HANA on SAP Cloud Platform.



See you there!