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Community Manager
Code samples teach, inspire, instruct, and un-stuck developers as they think about solving problems, building new things, and fixing broken ones.

The SAP Samples organization on hosts sample applications, extensions and customized functionality, step-by-step how-to tutorials, and chunks of code that could save the day in implementation projects.

In 2021, we published 120 new sample code repositories. Although we're well through the first month of 2022, as long as people are still greeting each other with “happy new year,” I figured it wasn’t too late for a year-end summary.

The year 2021 was the year of SAP Business Technology Platform, as evidenced by the number of code samples that supported application development, integration, database management, and “smart” technologies. The code samples channel was also again vitally important in supporting SAP TechEd, from providing the nuts and bolts for technical educational sessions, to literally making developers’ lives better with all that the keynote had to offer, and not least of all, creating tons of fun learning opportunities leading up to the main event with Devtoberfest. Check out the sample code repositories labeled “teched2021.”

Collection of repositories on GitHub

It wasn’t all fun and games, though, as plenty of housekeeping was required to keep repos updated, or moved to the public SAP archive of samples and open source projects. Thanks to everyone who helped keep code lines tidy, licenses compliant, and README files web crawler-friendly and up to date with the SAP branding machine.

And thanks to the people who made these Q4 contributions!

Repositories Published Q4 2021

Repository Topics Contributors
ABAP Platform Code Samples for On-premise Systems ABAP, ABAP RESTful Programming Model andre.fischer
BTP Kyma Workshop - Exercises Repository SAP BTP alessandro.biagi
Build an Extension Application Using SAP Graph and SAP Event Mesh SAP BTP, SAP Graph sameerranjan.kumar, indu.sankar
Consuming SAP BTP Services from Any Hyperscaler SAP BTP, SAP Fiori, hyperscalers lalithmanokar.s
Conversational AI Rest API Example using SAP Translation Hub SAP Conversational AI, SAP Translation Hub, chatbot annielim
Devtoberfest 2021 Frontend Week Coding Challenge SAP TechEd, Devtoberfest Marius Obert (one of our dear developer advocates that has since left SAP)
Devtoberfest 2021 Security Week Coding Challenge SAP TechEd, Devtoberfest thomas.jung, Marius Obert
Easy Franchise: Develop a Multitenant Extension Application in SAP BTP, Kyma Runtime SAP BTP, Kyma runtime matthieu.pelatanalexander.rieder
FedML: Federated Machine Learning Machine Learning, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud


Full Stack TypeScript App  SAP BTP, SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, SAPUI5. TypeScript lenahammerer
Gamified Cloud Kyma Nodejs Application SAP BTP, Kyma runitme, SAP Event Mesh, SAP Open Connectors amit.sahu01
Improve Business Processes with SAP Workflow Management SAP BTP, SAP Workflow, openSAP archana.shukla, stephan.schluchter, frederic-pascal.ahring
Modeling in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud SAP Data Warehouse Cloud san.tran
Sample Extensions for App Support in the SAP Fiori Launchpad SAP Fiori, SAP Fiori Launchpad, SAP S/4HANA the_tobias
Sample UI5 Control Library Developed in TypeScript SAPUI5, TypeScript andreas.kunz
SAP BTP Data-to-Value Bootcamp SAP BTP, SAP HANA Cloud, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP Data Intelligence Cloud, SAP Analytics Cloud
SAP Cloud SDK Samples SAP BTP, SAP Cloud SDK, TypeScript frank.essenberger1, Tom Frenken
SAP Conversational AI Chatbot Web Part SAP Conversational AI artemy.gevorkov
SAP Fiori Elements for OData V4 Feature Showcase SAP Fiori, OData V4, SAP Fiori Elements stefan.engelhardtsmarten
SAP TechEd 2021 Developer Keynote - Improving Developers' Lives SAP TechEd mariusobert,, rich.heilman, thomas.jung, kevin.muessigvitaliy.rudnytskiy, katharina.schell
UI5 Web Components Sample ToDo App SAPUI5, Svelte andreas.kunz, George Mbugua

Shout Out to Spotlight Guests!

Lastly, special thanks to those who let and me shine a little extra light on their repositories (and faces) in the SAP Samples Spotlight series, which ran as a new playlist on the SAP Developers YouTube channel. We featured content from these contributors:

  • ajmaradiaga

  • christian.georgi

  • tobiassorn85

  • christiano.hage

  • archana.shukla

  • Rui Jin

  • andre.fischer

SAP Samples Spotlight featuring Archana Shukla

This was a fun, “dev-casual” way to let the repository owners/sample creators talk about their work. Check out the SAP Samples Spotlight recordings.

On to 2022

Throughout the last year I've shared the latest repositories published to the SAP Samples channel in GitHub in hopes of exposing the value they have to offer and to make the community aware of the extended footing that the GitHub channel provides.

See previous sample code round-ups from 2021:

Now it's time to hear from you: What types of samples would you like to see? On which specific topics? Need help any with extensions? What problems could these samples help solve?

Feel free to let us know.