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Developer Advocate


Another three months of the year has flown by!  I know you have been waiting to see if you earned the 2019 Mobile Maestro Badge, and that wait is over.  Well, almost over, if you don't scroll down and read all my ramblings first 🙂

I just got to our SAP office in Newtown Square to have a few meetings and thought I would finish writing this blog post.  Here is a great picture of the front of the office with some guy having a delicious coffee from the best (IMHO) local convenience store, Wawa:


First I wanted to use this blog post to point out a few things of importance to becoming a Mobile  Maestro.  Write your own blog post & tag with mobile, and do it as much as you can.  Second, follow tags about mobile and answer/like questions.  Answering helps everyone, but liking the best answers helps get people recognized as Mobile Maestros.

Writing a blog post is easy and can be as informative as you want it to be when it comes to the subject matter.  The more mobile blog post you write, the better your chances of earning a Mobile Maestro Badge.  Once you've published a blog post be sure to tag it like I did this one with as many relevant mobile tags so users of the SAP Community can find the blog post.

If you think of tagging as a planting a seed, then you can harvest your crops in the form of questions.  If you follow a tag or set of tags then you will be alerted when someone submits a question around a subject you are interested in conversing about.

Be sure to go here and subscribe to the mobile tags under your SAP Community Account by clicking the blue follow button so it says "following"

Now I am almost ready to give the list of 2019 Mobile Maestro badges for Q2 but wanted to call out a few people that almost made it, or are people who we know contribute a ton to the mobile community but aren't tracking their work here in the SAP Community. First, lets call out a group who almost made it in Q2 that we will call our Honorable Mentions:

  1. abhijeet.khurd

  2. subash.narayan

  3. hasnainmuzaffar

  4. david.brandow

I'd also like to point out two other expert friends of the SAP Mobile and Cloud Platform Community:

  1. alexandre.giguere3

  2. ivanfemia

I hope to see the 6 of you staying active and working hard at answering questions the rest of the year in the SAP Community site!  Also, just like following a tag you can follow a person by clicking their name and selecting follow on their profile page.  If the above 6 members do enough to earn the Mobile Maestro Badge they'll get their name and picture featured in an October blog post with all the other qualifiers.


So without further ado, here are the 8 new Mobile Maestro for Q2 2019:


You should see your badge in your SAP Community reputation section later today.  It's also worth pointing out that these 5 community members did enough to earn the Mobile Maestro Badge in Q1 and Q2.  Their prize, you get to see their name and picture again.  And no, it's not rigged, I didn't reward myself, but if I hadn't qualified, maybe... 🙂



So here are your action items for the rest of this year:

  • Follow Tags

  • Follow everyone I have highlighted in this blog post

  • Write blog post with Mobile Tags

  • Answer questions and like the best answers


Now I am off to finish my SAP TechEd preparations and I hope to see you in one of the three locations in a few months.  If you haven't registered yet, please go here and do that now!!!