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This blog is part of the blogs series for the new Solution readiness dashboard delivered as part of Focused Build SP12 delivery. In this blog, we will get an overview of the Test Status Card and the corresponding details for analyzing the card via Analytical List Page.


Please go through the following blogs:

Initial Set up and Pre-requisites

What is Solution Readiness Dashboard and Brief Overview on Cards

Test Status Card

Test Status Card

The data point “Number of Test Not Passed” indicated at the top of chart reflects count of test cases that are not in OK status for the test plans selected.

The stacked column chart shows count of test cases and their test status within each selected test plan. The legends describe the status values of test cases.

Navigation to Test Status Details: Header of the card has navigation enabled to the Test Status Detail page.

Test Status Details

Test Status Details Analytical List Page

Using this detail page, the Test Manager can monitor the test execution status. The filters are carried forward from the overview pages.

Please refer to the Smart Chart and Smart Table documentation to understand in detail how these controls behave.

For the general features, refer to the following section Variant Management, Share in Requirement blog.

The filters are carried forward from the overview pages and if required, users can also apply their own filters on the below fields available in the Adapt Filter section.

For example, user can choose Test Case Priority field here for filtering and then view the High priority Test Cases for which the user has to click on Go button to further reflect these changes for analyzing on the chart or table view.

Users can navigate further to Display Test Plan webdynpro application, by clicking on Test Plan field in the Table view to get more insights about the test plans.

Chart Configurations

Default Dimensions Test Plan, Detail Test Status
Default Measures  Count of Test Cases
Default Chart Type Stacked Bar Chart
Default Sort  Test Plan (Ascending Order)

Table Configurations

Default Columns Test Plan, Count of Test cases, count of test cases with status unassigned, initial, in progress, error and OK, count of defects.
Sort Test Plan (Ascending Order)
Group None


 Key Takeaways

  • Detail pages have a filter bar, a chart, and a table view.

  • The content of chart and table is based on selections made in filter bar.

  • The default chart and table configurations can also be adjusted by user as per their need

  • More filtering options can be added by using the “Adapt Filter” feature.

  • Users can create and save views using the variant management feature of the dashboard.

Please feel free to provide feedback either directly here in the comment section or, in case of questions, you can submit them here. You are also encouraged to follow SAP Solution Manager tag here and Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager tag here.


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