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At SAPPHIRE NOW Madrid 2012, we would be hosting Test drive area within the Cloud Campus where all our Customers and Partners could walk-in and try out our SAP Cloud solutions. Test drive framework offers a platform to run an end to end business process with a guided click through steps that appears along a side car! We have also built in a voice-over on some of our Test drive tracks.

There are different flavors of experiencing our Test drives;

  • on a Live system
  • using an Interactive recording
  • on an iPad

  Here is sneak preview on the various SAP Cloud Test drive offerings, the various Test drive tracks and corresponding business roles that you could test drive at our SAPPHIRE NOW hands on campus area:


                      You are a sales representative for a green technology company with a thriving line of renewable energy

                       products. Using Sales OnDemand, you will:

        • create a new customer contact for the person you just met
        • create a new appointment to follow up with this customer contact
        • create an opportunity to capture the potential deal, and
        • add a sustainable product to your opportunity
      • Collaborate with your Sales Team

You have just created a new opportunity and added products to it from the previous test drive track.

To help you close this deal, you will:

        • stay informed about the competition,
        • follow a successful sales representative,
        • and collaborate with your real-life colleagues as if you were a sales team

    You will play the role of a Customer as well as a Social Media Representative for a smartphone handset

    manufacture with a vibrant social media following;

      • Responding to a Customer via Twitter or Facebook
      • Seamlessly Transitioning from Public Social Media to Email

    • SAP Service OnDemand

               Your company recently sold additional devices to a customer and a new customer contact has reached out

               for support via email. You will be to:

      • As a Customer, send an email requesting support for an issue concerning some new SmarTouch 4G devices at your company
      • As a Customer Service Representative working for the handset maker, you will receive your Customer’s issue; add them to system as a contact, gather more insights about the Customer, then begin working to resolve the issue

  • SAP Financials OnDemand

        You will take our various financial roles to understand the following topics:

    • Modern Financials           

               This scenario will show you that SAP Financials OnDemand is a modern Financial Solution with a

               state-of-the-art user interface, possibilities to adapt the user interface and a new way to follow up

               on single transactions by tagging them.    

    • Business in Focus             

               Logged on as a CFO on the mobile application of Financials OnDemand Business in Focus, you will get an

               easy overview on company health and performance and get the ability to react and communicate with

               relevant colleagues via modern collaboration tools while you are away on business.

               This test drive shows the highlights of Business in Focus including:

      • How to embed a new KPI to the dashboard How to arrange the tiles on the dashboard
      • How to get the latest news
      • How to drill down from KPI to Report and share results and information with colleagues via SAP JAM
    • Flexible Configuration

               Logged on to the system as a key user, you will:
               Select the elements of SAP Financials OnDemand that you need in order to run your business.

      • See how an integrated solution reduces risk by automatically adjusting scope based on interdependent business processes.
      • Generate a detailed document describing the scope of the solution you have selected.

               This test drive shows many important benefits of SAP Financials OnDemand including:

      • How you can choose the right elements of a broad and deep solution to manage your business.
      • How you can quickly configure the solution without IT expertise or specialized training.
      • How answering business questions helps you to determine which options are needed.
      • How the solution understands dependencies between business processes to eliminate the risk of misconfiguration

         You will play the role of a business traveler. You can find out how to:

    • create a new expense report
    • add expenses to expense report
    • add expenses by e-mail integration
    • submit your expense report

        You will play a variety of roles involving Sales Representative, CEO, Project Manager, Financial Manager.

        Here is a list of our various test drive tracks;

    • Start a Project
    • Be a CEO
    • Scope your Solution
    • Analyze your Business
    • Personalize and Adapt
    • Be a Financial Manager
    • Monitor your Project
    • Procure-to-Pay (Stock) with SAP ERP Integration
    • Order-to-Cash Third-Party Order Processing – Material with SAP ERP Integration
    • Payroll Postings to Accounting with SAP ERP Integration
    • SAP StreamWork - Collaborative Project Management in ByDesign
    • SAP StreamWork - Collaborative Opportunity Management in ByDesign

        The NetBase Social Intelligence platform, in combination with the Insight Workbench and Insight Composer,

        supports rapid deployment of the following solutions to social media professionals in marketing, PR,

        communications, consumer insights, and other teams within a company:

    • Brand Analysis
    • Competitive Intelligence
    • New Product Launch Tracking
    • Campaign Tracking
    • Issue Tracking

        In the Test drive, you would mainly focus on setting up a topic for a particular Product that was launched in the

        market and running the competitive analysis to compare with the competitors using the tools offered

        from NetBase.

  • Supplier Infonet

        As a procurement manager you will:

    • Select suppliers to follow in Supplier Infonet for the purposes of managing suppliers performance and risk
    • Establish alert threshold settings that you would like Supplier InfoNet to use to alert you of any performance deviations of your suppliers
    • Review different types of alerts (real-time KPI alerts, predictive KPI alerts, news alerts) provided by Supplier InfoNet
    • Analyze supplier performance benchmarks of suppliers
    • View a heatmap of your supply base by desired KPI’s
    • Gain multi-tier visibility into your supply base

For more info on where you could find us at SAPPHIRE NOW Madrid, please follow the Cloud Campus overview:

            Test-Drives: Cloud Applications area

We are working on a few more set of Test drive solutions covering our other new SAP Cloud solutions and this page will be updated soon – stay tuned.

Looking forward to meet and engage with you at SAPPHIRE NOW Madrid!

To know more in detail on SAP Cloud solutions, visit here.



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