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By now you're probably aware that the SAP Community Network is undergoing one of its biggest transformations in the dozen+ years of its existence, and the SCN team has been inviting you to be a part of the beta experience. What's brand new as of today is that you can now directly experience HANA Cloud Platform's BETA topic page on the new community:

In SAP's new online world, community will be everywhere, and HCP will be no exception. You'll see a header across all pages that lets you navigate into the community so that anywhere you are on you're just a couple clicks away at most from community voices:

Thanks to your passionate engagement, HCP gets its own entrypoint into the community, and you can already bookmark and try out the new HCP topic page:

Not only is community everywhere in the next digital incarnation of SAP, but HCP is everywhere. In addition to our community page and the content you create, HCP was widely used to build many of the tools the new community relies on, for example:

Activity Stream -

Accessible from your profile drop-down or by direct link at, the activity stream aggregates all your followed activity and was originally built on HCP with the help of steinermatt  and oliver.kohl.

Moderation Service -

If you're a moderator, you'll be using a new custom-built moderation tool based on HCP and tailored to the SAP Community Network's enterprise needs.

Gamification -

On your new universal profile at, you'll see your revamped reputation and any badges you earn, based on missions backed by HCP's gamification service thanks to our product owners christof.momm and michael.ameling.

Try it out!

Now is your chance to get a peek inside the live beta and provide the feedback we need to make it best for you.

Some things you might want to try:

Check out the current list of dedicated topics -- "Spaces" as in the current SCN are a thing of the past, and content will now be aggregated by tag. However, very active topics like HCP get a primary topic page to help aggregate all that content. Not all topic pages are rolled out and our BETA page is just live today - but you can get a feel for what the new world of tag-based content will be like

Check out how new topic pages work -- HCP's page, like all the others, conforms to a standard template. This is designed to dynamically aggregate blog and discussion content based on our primary HCP tag, and in addition feature a few curated posts (we've chosen with our first beta iteration to highlight key HCP topics like Cloud Foundry, IoT, and more). What would you like to see featured in this carousel?  What additional resources in the right-hand column would you like to see?

Create a blog post -- Remember you're not confined to spaces anymore. Begin a blog post from anywhere on from your profile menu or head into the blogroll at -  SAP Blogs - The Best Run Businesses Run SAP. You'll need to anchor it with a primary tag (you'll find HCP in there - but you can't right now find it by entering the alias "HCP" -  just one of many issues the SCN team is working on), but you can also enter secondary tags and user-created tags.  Our HCP topic page will aggregate any content with the primary tag SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

Ask a question -

The new questions and answers are modeled after Stack Overflow and on the HCP topic page we again aggregate all content with the primary tag SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

NOTE: any content you create on the beta site will be deleted. The BETA community is currently for testing purposes.  In the meantime, for content you want to preserve, continue blogging right here on the existing SAP Community Network.  All of these blogs will be migrated periodically.


After trying it out, let us know what we can do to make the HCP topic page better here, but post general beta questions, comments, suggestions to the SCN team at Remember this is BETA - the SCN team is working hard on implementing new features, rolling out new pages, fixing bugs - but this is your chance to get an early look and influence the direction of the community. Don't miss out!

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