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Tune into the first episode of our #GiveDataPurpose live series with Christian Hecker, Chief Data & Analytics Officer of SAP, and Mohamed Abdel Hadi, Vice President of Product Management & Strategy SAP Data Warehouse

Making high-stakes business decisions is tough and today's businesses need to be able to consistently make swift, sound, and forward-looking decisions despite high complexity. With an unpredictable environment and increasing competitive pressure, companies are well-advised to ground decision-making on facts rather than on gut feelings.

Despite having adopted a modern technology stack and amassing tremendous amounts of data for analytical use cases, many companies still struggle to reap maximum value out of their data.

While, traditionally, analytical systems have only been available to a few highly specialized employees, modern solutions like SAP Data Warehouse Cloud provide the necessary technical foundation to extend data & analytics capabilities beyond Power Users and IT Departments to casual business users – enabling information democratization.

However, the obstacles to better usage of data are not only located at the technical side of the equation but rather on a mostly overlooked component: Data Culture. Many companies succeed at the accumulation of data but cannot put it to work effectively. Modern technology is certainly an important enabler of the data-driven business. What’s more, a holistic empowerment of the entire organization is needed. Unlocking the data-driven business requires a corresponding data strategy, governance and culture that truly empowers all relevant Stakeholders in the day-to-day use of data for operational to strategic decision-making and promotes insight-based decisions.

In our first episode of the Give Data Purpose live chat series on July 28, 2021, Mohamed Abdel Hadi, Vice President of Product Management & Strategy SAP Data Warehouse, and Christian Hecker, who leads SAP’s transformation towards becoming an Intelligent Enterprise as the Chief Data & Analytics Officer of SAP, shed a light on how SAP creates a Data Culture to make SAP a data-driven company.

Watch now to see how SAP and its customers can reap the full benefits out of the latest technology by introducing and embracing a cultural shift towards a data-oriented way of working – giving data purpose.

Watch here, participation is free of charge: LinkedIn