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I recently added a Business Workflow for a Demo and a training in a Process Visibility Scenario  for Workflow Monitoring purposes. In the demo I used a S/4HANA OP System. In this blog I will illustrate the technical Integration and what needs to be done to get a preconfigured Live Process Dashboard also for Business Workflows.

Thanks a lot, to our teams and colleagues helping to configure the integration and realize the demo!

Availability of the integration for SAP ERP, S/4 HANA (Cloud and OP)

The following steps need to be processed.

1. Activate services, run setup, get users and authorizations in your subaccount and S/4HANA System

BTP Cockpit Trial Account


2. Setup a Cloud Connector between the subaccount and the S/4HANA systems

Cloud Connector Administration

Service Keys Process Visibility

3. Get the service keys and endpoints from Process Visibility Capability

4.Export & Import certificates from Process Visibility Capability in

For Export use URL:;

Right Click on Lock in Google Chrome and go to Certificate.

Export Certficate for PV


5. Import in S/4HANA with Transaction: STRUST

6. Create and configure integration in
SAP S/4HANA Implementation Guide

Path: SAP Netweaver – Application Server – Business Management – SAP Busines Technology Platform Integration*

* Check for new path name ABAP Platform from S/4HANA 2021 onwards

Configuration in SIMG


7. Maintain the destination to
SAP S/4HANA system in SAP BTP and add additional Properties (use the user from step 5)

Destination Configuration in BTP

8. Create a process visibility scenario and add your SAP Business Workflow as process participant to achieve end-to-end process visibility.

Discover business workflow definitions to get the relevant process steps, events and context information

Visibility Scenario Configuration

9. Activate your scenario.

Activate Visibility Scenario

10. Start a process

Create Absence Form in S/4 (Demo Scenario)

11. Monitor the Scenario

12. Check your Workflow Dashboard in the Process Workspace of your Workflow Management Launchpad

Process Dashboard


Absence Instance

This is an overview with a demo scenario to test the technical integration. I will probably come up with details for some of the steps. Any questions? Let me know!