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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
I know I say it every year, but this was the best TechEd ever from a SAP Screen Personas standpoint. We met dozens of customers from our Practitioner Forum, spoke to hundreds of people interested in SAP Screen Personas as part of the Fiori user experience, and reconnected with partners and colleagues.


Thank you to the customers and partners that shared their SAP Screen Personas success stories

ExxonMobil (session NET51985 - How Exxon simplified complex finance process to few clicks)

Guilherme Ramalho showed how ExxonMobil used SAP Screen Personas to automate a very time consuming financial reconciliation process (transaction F110) from many hours of effort to just a few clicks.


LP Corp (DX255 LP Business Analysts Simplify Logistics Processes To Streamline Warehouse)

Melissa Duke shared her success story about rolling out SAP Screen Personas to the fork lift operators at LP Corp. She demoed the simplified screens and fielded questions from a very engaged audience for half an hour. Here is a 3-minute video summarizing the project:


Hydro Tasmania (DX226 SAP Fiori 2.0, SAP HANA, and SAP Screen Personas Done at a Small Customer)

Matt Harding, independent consultant and SAP Mentor, spoke to a packed room about the project he worked on at Hydro Tasmania. He built a create notification (IW21) flavor to run on iPads. Matt gracefully handled some questions about Fiori and SAP Screen Personas and how they fit together. The one challenge he mentioned regarding SAP Screen Personas was the dependency on the kernel; we are working on that.


Pepsi (DX128 - Pepsi - Using SAP Screen Personas to Simplify SAP Screens)

Matt Huggins started by talking about the need for SAP Screen Personas at Pepsi. He then showed some of the very impressive business benefits they have gained since using SAP Screen Personas. Users were impressed by how fast they could turn requests in new screens.


Lockheed (DX131 - Lockheed - Lockheed Martin: UX Strategy, Tools, and Concepts “The Road to SAP S/4HANA”)

Gary Norris discussed how Fiori is a concept, rather than a specific product. He shared how SAP Screen Personas is especially important at Lockheed, as it allows them to retain all the customization they need to comply with government regulations. Lockheed has 3.5 million lines of custom code they use with SAP.


Cogent IBS / Amcor (DX132 - Cogent IBS - SAP Screen Personas 3.0 – Plant Maintenance)

Akila Murugesan shared her experience working with plastics company Amcor. They followed the design thinking process to create “a delicious chocolate wrapper for your existing SAP GUI transactions” (thank you, Akila for the great analogy). They replaced a long-standing third-party UX solution since the performance of SAP Screen Personas was much better (and there was no licensing fee).


Thank you to the partners that sponsored our annual customer appreciation event

On Wednesday night, around 50 customers gathered for our third annual customer appreciation event. It was a chance for people to mingle and share ideas about how to achieve a great SAP user experience with a minimum of time and effort. In addition to meeting so many people I have only heard on the phone, one of the highlights was seeing three competitors sitting together, enjoying fine food and a glass of wine. Thank you again to the partners who sponsored the event: Convergent IS, Mindset, and KNOA.


Sam Yen reinforced the SAP Screen Personas fit within the SAP UX Strategy

At the customer appreciation dinner, Sam Yen, SAP’s Chief Design Officer, made a short presentation to the attendees. He talked about the heavy investment SAP is making in Screen Personas and the bright future ahead for the product. He mentioned a few specific features we are working on, but you know the saying about what happens in Las Vegas (stays in Las Vegas). If you were not there, you will see the innovations he mentioned coming out over the next few years.

The SAP Screen Personas sessions were very well attended

We had around 500 people attend at least one of our lectures, hands-on, and networking sessions. This does not include all the customer sessions listed above, which also attracted around 300 people. Our topic list included:


NET52739: SAP Screen Personas and S/4HANA

NET52421: SAP Screen Personas and SAP Fiori: It’s AND not OR. This was our most popular session with over 110 attendees. The slides are here:

NET51999: Adaptive SAP Screen Personas flavors

NET52744: Customer success with SAP Screen Personas

DX215 lecture: SAP Screen Personas as Part of the SAP Fiori User Experience (two sessions)

DX267 2-hour hands-on: Building Adaptive Screens with SAP Screen Personas (two sessions)


TechEd is always a chance to hear rumors and set the record straight

Here is what we heard (similar to previous years):

Here is the reality:

  1. We are continuing to invest in SAP Screen Personas. In fact, we just extended the support commitment to five years (up from three) to align with SAP S/4HANA.

  2. SAP Screen Personas complements SAP Fiori. My prediction is that, within a few years, most SAP customers will be running a combination of Fiori apps (perhaps included with your SAP S/4HANA system) AND SAP Screen Personas.

  3. SAP Screen Personas is a key part of SAP S/4HANA. For areas where Fiori coverage does not yet exist (or will never exist, such as for your custom transactions), SAP Screen Personas is the fastest and easiest way to obtain the Fiori user experience.

  4. A global system integration partner stopped me in the hall to share his excitement that, over the past year, most of his SAP S/4HANA projects now include some SAP Screen Personas flavors. This reinforces what I have been saying about these two solutions for the past two years - SAP S/4HANA is even better with SAP Screen Personas.


We always hear interesting ideas for product enhancements

While we received some good suggestions for feature requests, the most exciting ideas were around SAP Screen Personas and CoPilot. For example, a few people wanted to access SAP Screen Personas flavors using CoPilot. At the end of the hands-on session, one exhausted participant suggested that he would like to talk to CoPilot to simplify his screens with SAP Screen Personas. We’ll see what the future brings…

If you have opinions about what we should add to SAP Screen Personas, please let us know. Many of the most popular features in SAP Screen Personas were suggested by customers.


Learn more about SAP Screen Personas

If you missed TechEd Las Vegas, there are still many places where you can learn the latest about SAP Screen Personas.


For the SAP Screen Personas product team, Peter Spielvogel.