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Recently we implemented some new features for the DDIC value help and value suggest which we summarize here.

These comprise layout changes for our new guideline option FIORI and some long sought after customer requests.


If you are not familiar with FIORI, you can find an overview here:


The SAP_UI SPs mentioned in the text show the initial availability of the feature.


Value Help

New layout with guideline FIORI (SAP_UI 750 SP2)


The DDIC value help shows the filter bar layout for the selection criteria.


  • All search attributes are shown on open

  • Fast tabbing through the attributes

  • Single values and patterns can be entered directly

  • Complex conditions via the value help on the search attribute




Free text search (SAP_UI 750 SP2)



  • ‘Full Text Fuzzy Search’ is enabled in the DDIC value help definition

  • Database is fuzzy enabled

To improve the hit quality it might be beneficial to define a full text index on the search columns.
This indices can be created as customer extensions in transaction SE11.

Check additionally note 1861491 for DDIC information on fuzzy search:


The free text search field is shown as first search attribute.


With guideline FIORI:



With guideline GL20:



Adjust number of search attributes for guideline GL20


For complex searches the proposed four attributes are sometimes not enough. To show more the customer can implement a BAdI to increase the number of search attributes on open.



Details can be found in SAP note:

SAP note 2271780: ValueHelp: BAdI for changing default number of selection criteria in guideline




Value Suggest

New layout (SAP_UI 740 SP12)

The former layout has been replaced:



The new layout shows the description in several columns:



Fuzzy Value Suggest (SAP_UI 750 SP1)


Value suggest allows now fuzzy search on all search attributes without implementing a search help exit. Specific settings in the DDIC search help aren’t necessary. As before the response time of the search help must be sufficient to allow a smooth value suggest behavior.


  • Database is fuzzy enabled



If you are on a low SAP_BASIS SP check SAP note for required SAP_BASIS notes:

SAP note 2280929: ValueSuggest: Required notes for central TypeAhead feature



History entries


On many input fields the history and the value suggest are both enabled. This might lead to confusing results since the history values are no longer shown within the value suggest table.

So far the user had to disable the history via the context menu to see all values with the description fields.

As new behavior, we now show the history entries within the value suggest table as well.



This behavior is available via SAP note:

SAP note2280895: ValueSuggest: Keep History Values in ValueSuggest