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As announced in the SAP Help Portal we offer with NW SAP_UI 752 a new Generic UI Building Block for displaying charts that is based on the SAPUI5 control sap.viz.ui5.control.vizframe. This control offers 41 different chart types with a variety of different settings, see the corresponding Chart Properties Reference.

The new VizFrame UIBB is being exposed with Web Dynpro component FPM_VIZFRAME_UIBB. As an application developer you can rely on the same ABAP APIs  and data model as before. Thus, you can re-use your existing Chart UIBB Feeder Classes.


You have two possibilities to convert component configurations that you implemented with the Web Dynpro component FPM_CHART_UIBB. You can

  1. Create new VizFrame UIBB configurations on the basis of existing Chart UIBB configurations. For this please run the Guided Activity application FPM_CFG_CONV_CHART_TO_VIZFRAME.

  2. Convert Chart UIBB configurations on-the-fly by applying the URL parameter FPM_CHART_UIBB_CONVERSION=X


On GUIBB level the VizFrame UIBB offers very similar features as the Chart UIBB, see my last SCN blog on this topic: For instance, you can

  1. Export the chart as Portable Network Graphic (PNG)

  2. Personalize with a Basic or Advanced Personalization Dialog

  3. Render the chart as a List UIBB ATS, the so-called Alternative List Rendering

Figure 1: VizFrame UIBB test application FPM_TEST_VIZFRAME_PERS

Design Time

In the configuration environment (FLUID) you can easily try different chart types. Add, change, remove measures or dimensions, and apply different chart setttings and CSS colors.

Figure 2: Component Configuration FPM_TEST_VIZFRAME_1 within FLUID

Test Applications

To quickly come into the topic, please check out the following test applications:

  • FPM_TEST_VIZFRAME_PERS: Chart types, events and personlization dialog

  • FPM_TEST_VIZFRAME_SELECTION: Selection and Deselection

  • FPM_TEST_VIZFRAME_CQREF: Currency and Amount reference


  • FPM_TEST_VIZFRAME_ASYNC_LOAD: Asynchronous Loading of Chart Data

  • FPM_TEST_CHART_SADL_SBOOK: Flight bookings drill-down with SAP HANA