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Standard variant of LIST ATS/TREE UIBB within FIORI Design

As described in blog post ,

we have introduced a new handling of the variants for LIST ATS UIBB and Tree UIBB.

This can cause some problems when your system was upgraded, and the users have already worked with the old design.

Design without Fiori

As you can see in the picture, it was possible for the end user to change the Standard View while using the old design. However, he was able to “Reset to Default” for this variant. That means he could switch back to the standard variant if he wanted to.

Technically speaking, there was a personalized variant created on top of the existing Standard View.

This can be seen in our analyze tool:

When you enter the name of the LIST ATS Configuration, you can see a variant with the description “Standard View” for these users on the personalize tab.

If the user now opens the application with the new design

Fiori Design

He is not be able to save the changed Standard View anymore. The user is able to change the variant, but he can only save it as new variant and not as the Standard one. The personalized Standard View is now  his Standard Variant.
In this case, it can cause some issues if the application introduces new fields and the user who has a personalized Standard Variant is not able to see them by default. He wouldn’t  know that he has a personalized variant at all as this is not visible on the screen in any case.

If the user shouldn’t have his one/own? Standard Variant but the one configured by the application developer, this “Standard View” needs to be deleted from the database. This can be done by using the analyze tool in the FPM Workbench (transaction FPM_WB) or by directly calling Webdynpro Application AD_ADMIN_CONFIGURATION with the sap-wd-config=WD_ADMIN_CONFIGURATION_2.

Now you are able to understand the variants of LIST ATS and TREE UIBBs with the new FIORI Design.
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