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General description

With Release 7.57 FPM introduce a new possibility to export data to the cloud. Therefore a change occured with regards to the export functionality in FPM List ATS UIBB and Tree UIBB. The old export button choice has been replaced by a new one, offering the two choices: "Export" and "Export As...".

Export Function

Clicking on "Export" will export the content in the default file format and start a local download. Clicking on "Export As..." will open a new dialog where one can choose the file format, set ad hoc properties depending on the file format and furthermore can decide whether the download shall happen locally or to a cloud (depends if the backend system has been setup correctly. Therefore please read our online documentation on that Integrating with Google Workspace | SAP Help Portal and see blog SAP’s UI Technologies enabling Google Workspace | SAP Blogs ).

Export As Dialog

If the download shall happen to cloud, a second popup will appear where the user can select the  destination where the document should be stored.


The export functionality is activated via configuration, in the section of general settings. Nothing has changed here.

Fluid within FPM List ATS/Tree

Enable the export functionality

There are two possibilities to enable the export the data.

  1. Enable the export functionality in the GUIBB toolbar.

  2. Enable the export functionality in the OVP Panel header, which means exposing the actions to the OVP floorplan.

In case of enabling the export function to the GUIBB Toolbar the new export functionality is automatically activated and there is no action required.

When enabling the export function to the OVP Panel header there are two ways to consume the actions by the surrounding OVP floorplan. Both are done via the OVP configuration, within the toolbar schema.

FLUID: Toolbar Schema

  1. Consume the exposed action is done via the feature "capture actions". If capture actions is active, the new export functionality is automatically activated and there is no action required.

  2. Consuming the exposed actions by manually configuring them

  • Add a new button choice item. In the attributes, set alignment to "right aligned" and set the image source as "sap-icon://excel-attachment". The Text should be deleted and leave it empty

  • The button choice needs two items, choose the FPM event ID via F4 for the first as "FPM_LIST_EXPORT_TO_OOXML_2" and the second one as  "FPM_LAUNCH_EXPORT_SETTINGS_DLG".

  • Press save and restart your application.

Activate the old export functionality for configured exposed actions

If the old export actions have been exposed and have been configured manually, they will be no longer visible at runtime. Therefore is some action needed.

  • Stick with the old export functionality. This is easily achieved by setting the parameter FPM_ENABLE_OLD_EXPORT=X (either via application parameter or via URL parameter).

Save and restart your application. The old export functionality should now be available.

Now you are able to understand the new export functionality for FPM LIST ATS and TREE GUIBB and how to get the old export functionality back if necessary.