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Customers and developers who heard about FPM for the first time quite often asked us "What is the transaction code for the Floorplan Manager?". Some time ago we often felt a little uneasy about this question as we intuitively felt that "SE80" would probably not be considered as particularly satisfactory answer...

To overcome these feelings (and, well, we actually realized that we had to close an important feature gap...!) we created something which provides a simple solution to this issue: Transaction FPM_WB. And if somebody asks instead for a Web Dynpro application, or a WDA configuration, or a CHIP: The answer is always "FPM_WB". And it actually stands for "FPM Workbench".

Let have a look at it. Start WD application (configuration) FPM_WB, start transaction code FPM_WB or add the Web Dynpro CHIP FPM_WB to your home page - whatever you prefer. We always a see a one-page UI which is in fact an FPM application itself and based on the FPM Launchpad UIBB.

It shows us links to various tools which are relevant for FPM UI development, arranged in sections. For instance, in the "Configuration Tools" section you can find the link to start FLUID, the FPM configuration editor. Besides, there is the important application creation section showing the various FPM wizards, starting with the simple wizard for creating either empty applications (as simplified start into manual development) up to full-blown transactional applications based on any Business Entities, cf. this blog. You also can find a link section for useful Web Dynpro tools, including even the new Theme Designer, and a section for the tools you need for the powerful multi-dimensional and multi-level "Context Based Adaptations".

The FPM Workbench is available with NW Release 7.31 SAP_BASIS Support Package 07 (SAPKB73107). With NW Release 7.40 SAP_UI Support Package 08 (SAPK-74008INSAPUI) there is also a link to the new FPM Test Suite which is linked in the "Demo and Test" section.

Let's start it and have a look at this. (As is the case for FPM_WB, it is an FPM application built with the Launchpad UIBB.) This time we see that the information is separated on two stacked panels, each panel showing sections of links to test or demo applications. The first panel comprises general features for floorplans and overall FPM concepts such as messaging, quickviews and many others.

The second panel provides link sections for all the FPM GUIBBs, from forms and lists to charts and maps, even the composite components can be found here.

For each configurable UIBB section you find a couple of test application focusing on specific features. This can be very helpful for FPM developers as they can see what it possible, and, considering these applications as templates, see how these features are deployed in the configurations or feeder class code. Try some links, it is very instructive. And the best thing is: The Feature Suite is continuously maintained, so whatever release and support package you are on, it reflects the current state of what is available for you. Have fun!

Remark: If you are on an older release or support package, you may find the following list of applications helpful as a "SE80 workaround" for FPM_WB:

  • FLUID / Configuration Editor: WD Application CONFIGURE_COMPONENT
  • FLUID / Customizing Editor: WD Application CUSTOMIZE_COMPONENT
  • FPM Hierarchy Browser: WD Application FPM_CFG_HIERARCHY_BROWSER
  • Configure Message Mapping: WD Application Configuration FPM_CFG_MESSAGE_MAPPER
  • Wizard for Creating FPM Applications: WD Application Configurations of Application FPM_CFG_BO_MODEL_ACT (7.31) or the predecessor WD Application Configuration FPM_CFG_APPL_CREATION_TOOL (702)
  • WD Personalization and Customizing for User: WD Application WD_ANALYZE_CONFIG_USER
  • WD Personalization and Customizing for Object: WD Application WD_ANALYZE_CONFIG_COMP