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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
I trust everyone is in good spirits and getting ready for the holidays and festive season. Having spent the last two decades in the United States, I've come to cherish the months of November and December. It all begins with Diwali festivities and culminates with Christmas, with a myriad of delightful experiences in between: food, family and friends, celebrations, and the scent of winter. Before I dive into my preparations for Diwali and the holiday season, I'd like to share my final blog post of the year with you.

I have tried something new and recorded this blog instead of writing. But before we jump into the recording, here's a link to my three blogs in the Future Ready Workforce series. I recommend giving them a look to familiarize yourself with the content before delving into the topic of integrating the SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite with the Talent Intelligence Hub.

Future Ready Workforce Blogs:

1.  Everything you need to know about SAP SuccessFactors Talent Intelligence Hub

2.  Talent Intelligence Hub & SAP SuccessFactors Learning Integration

3. SAP SuccessFactors Opportunity Marketplace & SAP Business AI-powered Recommendation

Talent Intelligence Hub Integration points with SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite (as of 2H 2023)

You can take advantage of these features if 2H 2023 release has been applied to your instance. Talent Intelligence Hub solution is like your central nervous system, and it leverages SAP Business AI which is the brain behind all existing and new innovations in the SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite. TIH together with SAP Business AI brain power, processes incoming data and makes informed decisions. Just as a nervous system in the human body coordinates and transmits information to various parts of the body, Talent Intelligence Hub serves as a central hub for gathering, processing, and disseminating talent-related data and insights within an organization.

Update (11/21/2023): Both MS Graph and CPM inference are in the Early Adopter (EA) program.

Refer to the Video to understand all the integration points between talent intelligence hub and SAP SuccessFactors Talent solutions.

For ease of access, I have divided the videos into two parts:

  1. Evolution of Talent Intelligence Hub and Upgrade options

  2. Talent Intelligence Hub and HXM Suite Integration (as of 2H 2023)


Video 1- Evolution of Talent Intelligence Hub and Upgrade options


Video 2 - Talent Intelligence Hub and HXM Suite Integration (as of 2H 2023)

Talent Intelligence Hub- Value Proposition

In essence, TIH is a transformative tool that empowers your organization to become more agile, data-driven, and aligned with the skills-based workforce. It streamlines talent management, supports employee growth, enhances hiring practices, and reduces administrative burdens. If your organization aims to stay competitive in a rapidly changing job market and achieve a holistic understanding of your workforce's capabilities, then upgrading to talent intelligence hub is a smart move.

Another notable 2H 2023 Release mention: Job Description Enhancement Using AI

Recruiters can now generate an enhanced job description using the generative AI capabilities.

By configuring the "Recruiting Fields for AI Enhanced Job Description Metadata Framework" object, specific job requisition fields can serve as a reference source for AI-driven job description enhancement. This framework comes equipped with a pre-defined set of standard fields that can be customized. Please refer to SAP Help guide to ensure you have completed all required configurations.

Upon enhancing the job description with AI, the existing description and the AI-generated one are presented side by side, facilitating an easy comparison. Recruiters have the option to either accept or reject the generated job description after a thorough review, and they can regenerate the job description if any updates are made to the information in the job requisition fields.

Ensure that Enable AI-Assisted HXM Content Generator option is enabled in Provisioning. This option is available only if you have purchased the SAP AI Units license. For more information about SAP AI Units license, please contact your Account Executive.

Note: When Job Profile Builder is enabled, the Enhance using AI option is available in the Job Profile tab under Job Requisitions, if JPB isn't enabled it appears on the Job Requisition Details page.