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Make business decisions on your SAP My Inbox without being tied to your desk!

With SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services and the SAP Mobile Card kit, we have made it even easier to take your SAP My Inbox mobile. In this post I'm going to demonstrate how to connect your SAP Mobile Cards app to your SAP Fiori Cloud Inbox or your SAP S/4HANA Cloud Inbox.

Estimated time: 10 minutes

Description: Employees can easily access SAP My Inbox workflows from their mobile devices using SAP Mobile Cards.

Supports iOS, Apple Watch (supports Mobile Cards notifications (new,changed,etc and then the ability to action an approval from the notification), & Android


  • Automatic synchronization of My Inbox tasks to your device

  • Take decisions (e.g. Approve or Reject)

  • Access detailed task information

  • Work in offline mode and synchronize later

  • Get notified on new tasks



  • You have SAP Cloud Platform service for Development and Operations enabled and have access to the console.

  • You have installed SAP Mobile Cards from Google Play or iTunes on your device

  • You have connected the SAP Mobile Cards app to your SAP Cloud Platform service for Development and Operations

If you don't have these items than this quick basic tutorial will get you caught up in no time:


The three steps:

  1. Determine the location of the SAP My Inbox OData service for your organization. Create an SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services 'Destination' that points to this OData service location.

  2. Use our Template Manager wizard to create an Inbox card pointing to this new destination.

  3. Save and then subscribe to the Inbox from within the SAP Mobile Cards app.

*This blog is intended for the Inbox on S/4HANA Cloud and SAP Fiori Cloud, if you are using the inbox differently, another community member wrote a great blog on finding the Inbox Odata Service and mobilizing the S/4H on-premise inbox here: Mobilize your S4H on-premise Inbox with Mobile Cards

First, we will create a new destination from within SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Service for development and operations. Open the administration console, and find Destinations on the left hand menu bar. Within Destinations, click the NEW button. This will launch the destination wizard. There is one very important step and that is to make sure you set the destination name to the following:

destination name: 

The reason for the name above is that SAP Inbox items can have a varying number of workflow actions from approve/reject or confirm/deny etc. By using this destination name we help by automatically accommodating for a number of these workflow scenarios.

The other settings to note in your Destination setup wizard are the following and are illustrated in the screenshot below:

Destination Name:

SSO Mechanism: Application-to-Application SSO

Rewrite Method: No Rewriting

Upon completion of the destination wizard you will be taken to a screen like the one below and you can verify it is setup the same.

Then, go into SAP Mobile Cards on the left-hand side menu. On the right hand side you will see Assigned Features. Click Connectivity within Assigned Features and then 'add' this new destination we just created named This will make the new destination available to the SAP Mobile Cards system.

Next, click on SAP Mobile cards on the left-hand side bar menu (underneath Mobile Applications). Click on Template Manager. Scroll down to find the template named “Sample Unified Inbox Card” and click the Create A New Card icon/button on the right. This will launch you into our wizard.


Within the new card wizard, you will be prompted to supply a name. Type SAP My Inbox. Next, change the Destination drop down to the name of the Destination you created with the name:

* The sample query has an extra Filter defined so that we return only RESERVED inbox items. Your own use case will determine what cards to return to SAP Mobile Cards app. To return all inbox items, remove the filter altogether. To restrict to say High priority, you need to adjust the filter accordingly. 


Here is a sample query with the filter on reserved removed and returns 10 inbox items ordered by created on:



Click Save and choose whether you want to save as a locked card (not editable until you select to unlock).



Last, open the SAP Mobile Cards app on your mobile device and subscribe to this card. Subscribing to a card can be accomplished by clicking the + icon and go to All. Find your SAP My Inbox card and click subscribe and you should see card(s) start to come into the preview. Last, go back into the deck view of SAP Mobile Cards app by clicking the Subscriptions > Done.

Now you should see your SAP My Inbox cards within your SAP Mobile Cards app.