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Today, it would be safe to say mobility has changed our lives, it has changed the way we communicate, socialize and also our decision making. In an always connected world, we expect information to be available when we need it.  This change has a bigger impact on the way we work.

We see roughly 10% of people in an organization having access to analytics, that figure is predicted to rise to 75% by 2020.  But what will they be doing? We need to make the use of analytics useful to them.

Mobile BI will be driving the penetration of Analytics within an organization by

  1. Extending the reach of analytics throughout and beyond the organization
  2. Engaging the users with a simple and intuitive user experience
  3. Empowering the business users to make decisions in the moment with embedded analytics within the everyday processes

As Mobile BI becomes more pervasive, the need to customize the Mobile BI application, to look, feel and behave like an in-house application rises.

How do you control the SAP BusinessObjects Mobile App for your organisation's policies and standards on devices rolled out by IT and on the BYOD of your employees. Ensuring that the app doesnt change the behavior and customization when an update is applied and it is YOUR app.

The SAP BusinessObjects Mobile SDK provides the extensibility to meet the requirements to custome and control the SAP BusinessObjects Mobile app.


- The visual elements of the MoBI app to brand it to your needs: change the app icon, name, launch screen image, home screen


- via the the following channels

     - Enterprise App Store, MDM tools or upload a customized app to the app store


- Implement New Mobile specific charts available in Web Intelligence but not yet available in MoBI


- Integrate with 3rd Party security tools to enforce the corporate policies and enhance security for on-flight and on-device data

The SAP BusinessObjects Mobile SDK provides organizations with complete control over the app. By, customizing the app: branding the app to your organization's requirements and setup on-boarding by building pre-defined connections into the app. Build new visualizations into MoBI and then distributing the updated app to your business user's devices without manual intervention. It simplifies the administration and control of the app by providing control to IT on when the app updates are applied to the user's devices but so easing the user experience by customising the user experience of the app.

Getting started in building YOUR app

  • Download the latest SDK from Service Market Place

  • Customizing SAP BusinessObjects Mobile to meet your organizations standards
    • The SDK provides the ability to customize the
      • App Icon and App Name
Change the Default App Icon / Name fromTo
      • other visual element that can be customized are the Launch Screen, Home Screen, getting started guide
      • Onboarding:
        • Pre-define the types of connections in the application
        • Configure default connection and document
        • Disable connections
      • Functionality
        • Customize Help & Tutorials
        • Collaboration
        • App recommendation

  • Distribute the app
    • To control the distribution of the App to your users
      • In scenarios where there is a need to control automatic update of the App when a new version is available
      • Ensure that Users do not access the BI servers if they have the credentials manually

  • Integrate with third party security solutions
    • The SDK enables developers to build an app (.ipa) and wrap with the third party security offerings

  • Extend
    • Developer now can implement new mobile specific charts which are available in Web Intelligence but not yet available on SAP BusinessObjects Mobile like Heat map, tree map, Polar Scatter Chart, Tag Cloud, Radar Chart, Box Plot Chart

To get the entire SDK Capabilities, please do refer to the developer documentation available here.

You can also configure the App via the Mobile Server

Following default behavior of the app can be changed by modifying the

  • Ability to enable/disable “Save Password” option
  • Ability to enable/disable offline storage
  • Ability to define “Time to live”  property for documents
  • Ability to disable application password
  • Ability to disable collaboration
  • Ability to disable email
  • Ability to disable StreamWork/JAM
  • Disable Web Intelligence document refresh
  • Ability to enable/disable Video
  • Control report element linking behavior
  • Disable Web Intelligence report title