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In this blog post I will give you a short overview of tag management for test cases in SAP Cloud ALM and some recommendations on how to use them in an efficient way.

The generic tag management has already been described by tonja.kehrer in this Blog Post New: Tags in SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation.

Now the tag management is also available for test cases that allows filtering and grouping of the same.

When you are in the Test Preparation app and open a test case you will find a new field 'Tags:' with a pen button in the 'Generic Information' tab:

After clicking on the pen button, you are able to add or remove tags to your test case:

Here you could create new or assign existing tags to you test case. I strongly recommend defining naming conventions and communicate this to your project team before users create their own tags.

You should first clarify which attributes or dimensions you would like to be reflected by tags:


  • You have defined a Scope 'S4_Finance' for your Solution Processes and would like to group related test cases more granular for the functional sub-domain e.g., 'Accounting' for tester to easily find their test cases and for reporting.

  • You would like to differentiate between different test types like User Acceptance Tests, Integration Tests, etc.

For the naming convention you should consider that the tag filter is currently using an 'OR' condition when selecting multiple tags. This means, selecting several tags in the filter will result in a list of test cases which might have only one of those tags assigned.

If you would like to filter test cases that match all attributes, you need to include these dimensions in one tag. e.g., creating a tag 'Accounting UAT' for test cases in the domain in financial accounting to be part of User Acceptance Test.

The resulting naming convention would then be '<functional domain> <Test Type>'.

I recommend creating required combinations of these attribute in advance in the central tag management:

Then you can assign these tags to your test cases;

As a result, you can use the tag filter in either Test Preparation or Test Execution Overview to easily find the test cases of interest:

Here is also a video by jagmohansingh.chawla explaining the tag management for test cases together with other new capabilities.