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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

As you remember from my latest blog, I am still working on my workflow scenario for managing and streamlining purchase requisitions. A key component of my project is a lightweight forms application to be provided to my business user in order to trigger workflow instances as a self-service.


Table support

Due to the latest releases on the Forms Designer of SAP Build Process Automation I can now add tables within my forms to generate collections of data.To test it yourself you need to generate a project in SAP Build Process Automation and generate a form. The tables functionality is available for trigger forms, general forms and approval forms in a similar approach. Her you can see an example of my trigger form for generating purchase requisitions:



You can see on the bottom-left side that an additional UI element is now available which is the table view. You can select it or drag & drop it directly into your screen. Once you have done that you can select multiple additional UI elements which you can incorporate inside your table view, which are:

  • Text

  • Checkbox

  • Number

  • Date



In my example I kept it very simple and created a line-item table view for purchase requisitions:


Afterwards you can see in the output of your trigger form that we have now a collection readily available which can be used for other activities like RPA-Bots, Decision Rules or Actions Project to post the data into my S/4-System.

In my example I am reusing the data inside an approval form. In order to achieve this you need to have the table view UI-element inside the approval form. And you need to map the data as you can see in the screenshot on the right-hand side:




After deploying my project I can now test my new advanced trigger form inside my Fiori Launchpad and add the purchase requisition line-items accordingly:



And this is the point of view of the approver – very nice!




I am very delighted by this new capability – I will now keep an open eye to the announcements at our Help-Portal because our engineering teams add new capabilities frequently.

Also feel free to submit additional feature request via our Customer Influence campaign. To submit your feature request, please visit the campaign “Handling workflow and robotic automations with SAP Build Process Automation”:



Stay tuned!