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I frequently program directly against a NW Gateway when I'm starting or prototyping, then add SMP to the landscape, once the application is fleshed-out, and I want to add offline functionality.  This has tended to be when I add MAF Logon to the app in the past.

With the simple bootstrapping with Cocoapods, and the reusable STSOData framework, I get MAF Logon for free from the start.   Great, I like it, and I especially like using the new Discovery Service on-boarding to auto-import my connection settings from the cloud.  Using the STSOData framework's LogonHandler, I set the application's applicationID from in the AppDelegate -applicationDidBecomeActive: method.

[[LogonHandler shared].logonManager setApplicationId:@"stan.flight.https"];

The applicationID should match the applicationID in the SMP Admin console.

But today, my SMP system is being re-installed by QA, and I can't afford the down-time.  How do I switch back to connecting directly-to-NW Gateway?

I don't want to change anything in the application.  I know that I won't be able to use the offline features without SMP, but I can toggle that off in the STSOData DataController.  What should I do?

The easiest way to switch back to directly-to-NW Gateway, after working with SMP, is by changing the applicationID value set above.

The Solution

MAF Logon constructs the connection URL from the protocol/host/port parameters, then appends the applicationID to the url path.  So, these settings:

MAF Logon settings:


port:                      443

protocol:              https

Programmed in app:

applicationID:      stan.flight.https

are concatenated into this URL:  This is the base URL that the SODataStores use for querying $metadata, Collections, FunctionImports, etc. when connecting via my SMP server.

My NW Gateway system has this URL:  I can use the same inputs between MAF Logon, and the applicationID, by swapping in the OData application path components for the SMP applicationID, to produce the URL:

I accomplish this by changing the value when I set the applicationID on the LogonHandler, as above:

//[[LogonHandler shared].logonManager setApplicationId:@"stan.flight.https"];

[[LogonHandler shared].logonManager setApplicationId:@"sap/opu/odata/IWFND/RMTSAMPLEFLIGHT"];

Do not append a forward-slash "/" to the 'applicationID' value when substituting the OData application path components; the application is already adding the slash for the regular SMP applicationID value.