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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

philip.mugglestone from the SAP HANA Academy and the Partner Innovation Lab just uploaded a new hands-on video tutorial for the SAP Business Technology Platform extension generators series about Swagger UI for CDS.

In this blog post you will find the video embedded with references and additional information.

For previous blog posts on the topic, visit

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Hands-On Video Tutorials

What You Will Learn

For information about how the generators work and how you can use them, see

In this blog post, we cover

  • How to use the saphanaacademy-cap generator (Yeoman) with SAP Business Application Studio to scaffold a project

  • How the code works

  • How to run the project locally

  • How to deploy the project to the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) Cloud Foundry environment


To bookmark or directly access the playlist, go to


To follow along, you'll need a (free) SAP BTP trial account. If you are new to the SAP SAP Business Technology Platform, consider watching the onboaring series first.

Although not required, for persistence most of the extension generator apps leverage SAP HANA Cloud. If you are new to this topic, consider watching this tutorial first.

Swagger UI


First things, first: Swagger UI is not related to Swagger Sharma although it has about as many fans and likes.

On the GitHub repository page, we find Swagger UI defined as a collection of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS assets that dynamically generate beautiful documentation f....

We find the Swagger UI used, for example, on the SAP API Business Hub.

On the product page, we learn that Swagger UI is an open source tool that lets you interact with the API’s resources without needing implementation logi....

For demo, docs, downloads, and more, visit the product page on

In this video tutorial, we zoom in on the Node.js (middleware) package developed by christian.georgi which serves as middleware for express (Node.js web application framework) to serve OpenAPI (Swagger API) definitions for services used in CAP (SAP Cloud Application Programming model).

SAP HANA Academy BTP Extension Generators

Swagger UI

In this video tutorial, Philip Mugglestone shows how to enable a Swagger UI. Philip creates an application with numerous OData services and that also enables the Swagger UI. Philip shows the Swagger UI in action from both development and production perspectives.

0:00 - Introduction

0:50 - SAP Business Application Studio, open Template Wizard

1:20 - Install saphanaacademy-cap generator

1:40 - Start wizard and enable Swagger UI

3:00 - Project scaffolding

3:55 - server.js 

4:30 - Local testing

5:30 - Swagger UI

7:15 - Approuter configuration

7:45 - Build and deploy to SAP BTP CF

8:30 - Authorise business user

9:15 - Swagger UI

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